1970 GS 455 4-spd

Discussion in 'Cars and Parts For Sale Leads' started by Stagedone, Mar 21, 2021.

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    I saw it on eBay and didn't look too hard. If it's truly an original Stage 1 4-sp car it seems decent. Better if it has the orig. carb/dist & if WG wheels. Depends on any docs re: engine/trans rebuild. Would need to see a Wayne Roberts report. Idk what they did to the trim tag. Looks like someone tried unsuccessfully to make it read 10 10. Other than that, on the surface looks like a decent attempt @ a clone if that's what someone was looking for. On the other hand, if not there's a lot of sunk costs in a paint job and it would need a hood, early '70 tach/speedo/gauges, etc.
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    Picture of trim tag does not match vin# listed on Ebay. Am I missing something?
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    It's amazing to me that they compromised the proper mounting of the rear bumper to accommodate the cheesy exhaust tips.
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    The numbers on the trim tag are the body ID from the Fisher Body plant and don't represent the VIN of the car, they won't match, at least I've never had any that did.


    What do you mean by "needs a new hood"? It looks pretty good to me from what I can see.
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    Good looking car with many correct GSX items !
    I could make room in the garage for that one , just
    sell some of my NOS junk LOL .
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    Thanks, I need to read more and comment less.
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    I noticed the bumper and figured they just did a crappy job mounting it and then came the cheezy tips. If they did what you said, that's pathetic, lol.

    I meant if one didn't want a GSX clone & wanted to put back to orig. assuming it is an orig. Stage1 4-sp. I've seen so many cars w/hood tachs and to me, 1st thing I think is "it'll need a hood" of which nice ones aren't getting any easier to find.
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    It doesn’t necessarily need a hood good body man could fix that they fix a lot worse.
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    True Frank. It's just a really flimsy area to fix w/o warping it badly. Depends how particular one is and to what (if any) level a restoration is being done.
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    Car sounds horrible to me in the video.....
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    I’m pretty sure this car has been owned by several board members. Scott Miller built the car, then CJP69, then Mark Lob, then Randy Peck, and last I knew Wayne Emmott.

    From memory, it is an original white/white (10-10) 1970 Stage 1 automatic, non-numbers 455, factory correct 4 speed conversion. It was a well-built, gorgeous car 15 years ago.

    I saw the car about 5 years ago when it was for sale in Houston. In my opinion, it had weathered quite a bit in a moist storage environment, and had surface rust everywhere. I would recommend whoever is interested have it personally inspected and not go off of just the pictures from the consignment dealer.
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    From the eBay ad. White 1970 Buick GS 455 CID V8 4 Speed Manual Available Now!
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    I believe the Cheesy tips cam later, they weren't on the car when I owned it.

    I recall it being it a factory Stage 1, but it was an Auto.

    I think when Scott bought the car it had a Stage 2 motor in it. He replaced it with a 455 he had at his shop. He also swapped the auto for a 4 speed, which was rebuilt, did a nice job.
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    I always wondered what happened to that car it drove really nice shifted good had good power remember the ride you and I took in it and how fast we put it away
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