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  1. Buick70Lark

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    I am looking for a car. It was originally from southern Ontario Canada ( Cobourg / Port Hope area) It is a 1970 Buick GS that was painted like a GSX. The original color was red. If someone has a car like this or knows of one that fits the description please let me know. Any help is very much appreciated !
  2. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Knew of a '71 (I believe) North of Cobourg (Baltimore) years ago that was painted to GSX specs (QQ). Was painted at Cal-kor in Cobourg. Car was a 4 speed. If memory serves me, '70 bumpers etc. were used.

    You might want to contact Cal-kor, they may be able to help.


    After a bit more pondering I believe it was owned by Don Hobart at the time.

  3. Buick70Lark

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    Yes that car is a possible canidate. I have not located it yet but it was around the same time as this one was. Are you certain his was a 71 ? and not a 70 ? The 70 that I am looking for was a 4 speed 350. Do you know if Donnie Hobart still owns it ? Is he a member here by chance. A local mopar guy told me about him. At some point this car was in the hands of a Mr. Wigham ? (Not sure if that is how its spelt) Thanks for the help !
  4. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    Please send me an email at hrdkor@cogeco.ca with your phone number and will call you. I may have Donnie's phone number and will pass along to you. Will not post online.

    Not sure if he still has the car or is a member here.

    Where in Ontario are you and what's your name?
  5. tzh

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    I will seeing about this
  6. SHAWNSGS455


    hey buick lovers.my name is shawn , and yes i live in the area.the only 2 buicks i new of was cory dykstra had a black one in trenton few years ago blkack on blk 1970 gsx clone dont know the original color car has been sold. the other is owned by john archer of campbellford area . its a 1970 gs its red on blk blk interior. 455 auto.this car is for sale , i heard around 25,000 cdn. i heard. you can email me at shawnsgs455. im a member of this web site . or phone me 1 613 968 9564 . belleville ontario canada.i hope i was a help.
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    Well this is a car I saw last summer at the Autofest show in Oshawa . it was for sale and I htink around $25000. I had taken his information down , I will see if I can find it. sorry not real helpful.



  8. 33687242

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    I believe the owner of that red GS is from Peterboro. I asked about it also, nicely done car, if memory serves me right it has a 350 in it.

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