1970/1971 GS Ram Air Cleaner, restored for sale

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  1. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    This is a 1971 GS ram air cleaner. Also usable for 1970 (PCV filter on the drivers side.)

    The steel pieces were dipped to remove all rust, then zinc plated and chromated black.

    The CRACK-FREE fiberglass pieces were washed and lightly media blasted.

    Everything has been painted satin black

    New zinc plated hardware holds everything tight.

    The vacuum motors both operate.

    New PCV filter
    New Thermac valve
    New vacuum lines
    NEW Parts Place reproduction air cleaner foams.

    There is some minor pitting where there used to be some rust.
    There are a couple small dents and dings

    Overall a very nice, unbroken, solid GS dual snorkel air cleaner.

    Sticker was removed for restoration, so you can apply whichever you want. 455, 350, stage 1, whatever.

    Located in 06035, CT
    $600 shipped in the USA

    DSCN2195.JPG DSCN2196.JPG DSCN2198.JPG
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    this turned out really nice!
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    Nice job ken!
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  4. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

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