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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by 68Rivi_In_Cali, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. 68Rivi_In_Cali

    68Rivi_In_Cali Well-Known Member

    I'll give that a go!
  2. jannhall

    jannhall Member

    This classic ride is getting back to life. The progress looks amazing.
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  3. 68Rivi_In_Cali

    68Rivi_In_Cali Well-Known Member

    Been a while.

    So far I removed both old CD player and cassette players that had been installed. Went with a retro sound Bluetooth radio. Came out great!

    I installed the new carpet and one of the new door panels.

    Yes, i cut the fresh panel to add a speaker. Only did it because the previous owner had already hacked the door itself to do it. They did a decent job at least.

    I think my door panel came out pretty nice.

    I also painted the very worn arm rest bases.
    I wish I had a good one to 3d copy and and print @ work.

    If anyone has a good one I can borrow, I can see about using our 3d scanner at work and maybe making an attempt at 3d print some.

    I also installed one of the Parts Place Inc arm rest pads. It didn't fit flush ,even after bending it a bit. Hopefully it will losen up in time and fit the base better.

    I added an amp in the trunk area as well to drive 6.5 speakers in the doors and 2 6x9 speakers under the rear deck.

    I will make a custom grill cover to add to the near rear package tray I ordered.

    I also added LED sequential rear brake lights.

    These are for a 70-72 Skylark.

    I trimmed the lens housings to make them for, then I used some windshield butyl tape to seal them against the elements. They look great!

    Excuse the mess, it's a work in progress

    20210728_103144.jpg 20210728_211707.jpg 20210728_211714.jpg 20210726_215556.jpg 20210726_215549.jpg 20210725_180037.jpg 20210725_182029.jpg 20210725_180030.jpg 20210716_191903.jpg 20210713_150535.jpg 20210713_143824.jpg 20210713_152936.jpg
  4. 455monte

    455monte Well-Known Member

    Any pictures of the led boards or the installation process?
    Im all for better brake lights to help other drivers see me safely on the highway.
    The cars lookin good. They are always a work in progress as you will find unless ur building a show car u will continue to make upgrades for years to come

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