1967 - 1969 A-Body Metering Valve Rebuild Kit

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    I recently came up with a seal kit to rebuild the 3905525 metering valve made by Bendix for 1967 - 1969 GM vehicles. I believe this valve was used on all A-bodies, but could someone confirm that suspicion? Here's a link to a disassembly article:


    and a rebuild article:


    and the seal kit:


    Are there any other Buick brake valves that people are interested in rebuilding? I've got a few other kits for proportioning valves and pressure differential switches. Odds are I can come up with additional kits.
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    I searched all over for that, great to see it's available. I need one and I need the cap as well.

  3. sah62

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    I still can't help with a nice repro cap. The tooling costs for custom-molded rubber parts makes it a challenge.
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    Updating an old post with new info:

    I recently learned that Ron Karp of RKarp Sleeving is reproducing the rubber cap. He told me that it's an exact dimensional and material reproduction that is missing the Bendix markings. His contact info can be found here: http://www.rkarpsleeving.com/RK_Sleeving/Contact.html
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