1966 Skylark part-out

Discussion in 'Car Part-Outs' started by 67 Post GS, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Ron, keep me posted as discussed on the phone, thanks!
  2. 67 Post GS

    67 Post GS Well-Known Member

    Steering wheel is bad I,m going to send you pictures of bumpers to 66 GS Conv.
  3. 66GSconv.

    66GSconv. Well-Known Member

    Ron, as per text my address is 3516 berkeley rd Anderson, Ind. 46011
  4. Lemans1

    Lemans1 Well-Known Member

    Do you have the small rocker trim pieces that go from the front bumper to the front wheel well?
  5. 66GSconv.

    66GSconv. Well-Known Member

    parts arrived today, Ron took the time to put a wire brush wheel on them and cleaned them up nice couldn't be any happier Big thanks to Ron
  6. 67 Post GS

    67 Post GS Well-Known Member

    Welcome Gregory
  7. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Ron, PM sent as discussed on the phone with list of parts I’m also interested in.
  8. Nick 66 Skylark

    Nick 66 Skylark Well-Known Member

    Any pictures of parts still available
  9. 66GSconv.

    66GSconv. Well-Known Member

    was the car a console shift ?
  10. Bygblok

    Bygblok Well-Known Member

    Front and rear windshield chrome taken yet? 2dr hdtp?
  11. 67 Post GS

    67 Post GS Well-Known Member

    Gregory car is column shift. Bill i still have front and rear windshield chrome . P.M. me back Thanks Ron
  12. Bygblok

    Bygblok Well-Known Member

    PM sent Ron. Thanks
  13. bigds65

    bigds65 Well-Known Member

    In need of a rear bumper would it be driver quality by chance?
  14. joao67

    joao67 Member

    what gearing does the rear have
  15. Steve Triplett

    Steve Triplett Active Member

    Looking for a tail panel, taillight lenses and reverse lenses.


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