1966 Gran Sport manual brake line questions

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  1. Devin

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    I'm dealing with rusted brake lines again and was wondering what differences were there between the 1966 Chevelle lines and the 1966 Gran Sport lines. I'm on a budget and am keeping it stock with standard manual drum brakes. Basically, can I order Chevelle front lines, as the front to rear were already replaced?

    Devin 66' 4 speed Gran Sport
  2. wkillgs

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    I would say the front lines are the same. Can you compare part numbers on the websites?
    The front-rear line on the GS would be a convertible frame.
    Rear axle lines may be different between 10 bolt Chev and 10 bolt Buick.
    Check with:
    Right Stuff
    Classic Tube
    Inline Tube
    I usually just bend up my own lines with bulk tubing from NAPA, and buying the fittings from one of the above.
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  4. Devin

    Devin Buick guy since 1982

    Appreciate the help guys.
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