1965 Skylark Heater Core

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by Nick G, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Nick G

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    Anyone replace a heater core in a v8 1965 Skylark? Do you have to remove inner fender to get to bolts? Take glove box out and remove from inside of car? Any tips or know how would sure help. Thank you
  2. philbquick

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    Just take about 6 (?) stamped nuts from the engine side blower bow and the inner box should pull out after the hoses are disconnected. You'll need to disconnect the cables to fully remove the box. I'm sure you'll want to clean it up and maybe paint it while it's out. It's a fairly easy job.
  3. ragtops

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    You can get to all the nuts on the outside of the box under the hood EXCEPT the bottom one on the outside, or nearest one to the outside of the car. I have seen that one drilled out from the inside of the car to get the inside box off and replace the core.
    I will say that for ME, I believe the inner fender can not be removed without removing the fender completely. That is a big job, I have done it. That is unless you don't care how much damage you do to the fender, core support etc. That inner fender is metal and not light weight stuff. It will not fold up to get it out and then unfold to put it back. It sits inside the fender lip and sits against the frame in the rear of the well, there is no give. I have also seen holes cut in the inner fender to get that nut off, some year "A" body shop manuals give the measurements on where to cut the hole. Some shop manuals also give instructions to cut holes to replace the fan motor.

    Best luck.

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