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  1. Dragdoc

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    so the 1960 364 had a 2 bbl. Earlier years offered a 4 bbl, rated 50 hp higher than the 2 bbl.

    I’m told a 4 bbl would make a considerable difference. Is this just due to fuel volume or did the 4bbl intake flow that much better? Perhaps it was a different cam as well?
  2. gsgtx

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    looks like the 364 had 210-235-250-300 hp ratings, with the 300 hp it was called a performance option and peak tq came in at 2800 rpms instead of 2400 rpms , so thinking a bigger cam on that one. sure dual exhaust and higher compression ratio had a big factor too on different hp ratings, along with 4-barrel carb.
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  3. Dragdoc

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    I don't even know what version I have other than single exhaust and 2 bbl. Nothing noted on the air cleaner. I suppose its in the body tag codes so I need to find some kinda decoding chart.
  4. gsgtx

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    i guess the 210 hp was for the 3- speed manual tranny. so that leaves you with 235 or 250 and that depends on compression ratio. 235 = 9.0 comp and 250 =10.25. the 300 hp must be 4-barrel dual exhaust and may be a little hotter cam or the 4- barrel makes peak tq at a higher rpm ?. Tom T. or another board member would know more about it.
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    Yes, 4 bbl. dual exhaust, higher compression, better cam. "57_'58 & '61 LeSabre custom.
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    Yep what Tom says..... only other thing I would add is to do my Doc dual plane mod..... ;);)
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    Wow thats just crazy! Thanks for the link
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