1958 Limited Four Door Riviera

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Smartin, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    Well, I've been dreading spilling the beans. The car has been gone for weeks now.:bglasses::dollar: Trust me...I would have loved to see Hobart finished, but it's just not going to happen without more time and :dollar: than I'm willing to put forward at this point.
  2. flynbuick

    flynbuick Guest

    I for one am very sympathetic towards your postion and decision. In order to appreciate it, you must have been there first yourself. I have.
  3. 69GS400s

    69GS400s ...my own amusement ride!

    I thought it for a while but now its official

    ... your just a Flipper :puzzled:

    You know Im just kidding Bud - you do what you think is right and move on. This was a good way to challenge yourself and develop skilz ... and I think we all agree you gotst SKILZ !!

    Ohh - and Say "HEY !!" to your woman. I don't think I posted this before, but when i heard U2 got engaged I was truely, deeply happy for both of you. In the short time we all got to know her this year, everyone thought not only was she SuperSpecialLimitedEdition, but you made the perfect couple as well.

    Soooo happy for you my Brother !!
  4. Smartin

    Smartin antiqueautomotiveservice.com Staff Member

    Thanks Alan!! I'm a lucky guy:grin:
  5. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

    My Dad and I went through the same dilemma a half a dozen times. Selling off his and my collection. The '55 Roadmaster a;ways won out over the others. It was the right choice for us. ...

    That's a very good analogy.
    Those happen to be my number 1 and number 2 favourite movies....
  6. LowFlyLark

    LowFlyLark Time for a mild custom.

    :shock: My jaw hit the floor as this last chapter unfolded but good stories have surprise endings.

    You're quality and attention to the smallest of details is commendable. The Roadmaster is in good hands (for now, then comes the 2 door, then the Convertible, then...)

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