1956 Buick Seat Tracks

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    I'm in search for a pair of seat tracks for a 1956 Buick Super Convertible. The seats are the 2-way horizontal power.
    I have the seats, motor and drive actuator just need a couple of tracks that will work in this application.
    It looks like in 56, the Super 56C, Century 66C, and Roadmaster 73, 76C, 76R all could have come with 2-way power seats. There were other options available to those models as well. If the 2-way tracks aren't available, I may be able to adapt a pair of 56 (possibly 55) manual tracks. Appreciate any help.

    The attached photo show a portion of the tracks before they were removed from the car. If anyone has any additional photos of a 2-way track or of the manual tracks that would be very helpful.

    Thank you, Larry

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    Try posting on the BCA forum it's free just register. Buickclug.org
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    Will do.
    Thank you

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