1939 Buick Special Barn Find

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    A friend of mine brought this over the other night to have it detailed and have the rear tail panel painted. It's a bit of a "special" car, in that it was part of a promotional giveaway by Ivory Soap in 1939. The original owner (winner) passed on and the car was left to her son. He had my friend get it running and replace a few parts, and I am taking care of the spit shine.

    After a hose-down to get the dirt off, I figured I could get away with a good scrub with some compound. Well, it wasn't that easy. I'm now color sanding and buffing. Unfortunately, this is not the original paint...it appears to be a cheapo respray that was done before 1968. The paint is not in good condition at all, and has many spots that are chipping off or lifting. I'm doing my best to make it shine, though.

    The interior is all original and in fairly good condition. Most of the bakelite knobs and pieces are brittle and breaking, but everything appears serviceable.

    I'm supposed to have this car complete by Wednesday, so back to the garage I go!

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    This is as good as it gets! Customer picks it up tomorrow, and drops off a 35 Buick in the same condition for the same treatment.

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