1000 HP NA BBB Ceiling has been Broken Through

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by GSX455, May 13, 2014.

  1. Staged70Lark

    Staged70Lark Well-Known Member

    7.68 is moving! Scotty did not dyno the engine that propelled him to a 7.68?

    Wayne... I hope you can diagnose what caused the failure!
  2. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    I would bet money that Mike's wagon currently makes over 1000 hp to pull that heavy of a car to an 8.30
  3. Staged70Lark

    Staged70Lark Well-Known Member


    Do you have any idea what Mike's car weighs?
  4. blown455

    blown455 Pit crew

    3100 I think
  5. Todd69GS

    Todd69GS Silver Level contributor

    You're right Rod. The numbers shake out to be 1000 or so.
  6. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Mike told me his guess was around that figure (1000 HP), but I know he never approached that with a stock block.

    All I know is that it's really enjoyable seeing people make this kind of power now..... the bad part of it is when something like this happens to Wayne or anyone else! Hopefully all Tomahawk failures are well documented, so we all know what NOT to do, or to watch for, (not that there are many failures with these blocks.......but even ONE is TOO MANY).

  7. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Well-Known Member

    Was this a block failure? I thought a rod let go?? Did I miss something?
  8. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Jim, not saying it's a failed block, but any issues with any Tomahawk block should be documented. From the sound of it I would say it was not the block, but.........there is always a root cause!
  9. Dave Mongeon

    Dave Mongeon Well-Known Member

    Stock block--7.89 170 @ 2350 lbs glide not 1000 hp but it ran for years and hundreds of passes still no replacement for the Tomahawk! We have abused ours for three years now at rpms I wouldn't dream of doing with a stock block and it keeps asking for more!
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  10. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Dave that's Impressive, for sure! My whole point on this topic is that once upon a time it may have been possible to achieve 1000 N.A. HP with the stock block, but it was rarely (if ever) done and MOST of them sure didn't survive long at those levels. The new block will now make this a reality for many Buick racers rather than a "rare occurrence".

    Yes the Tomahawks are a blessing! (Thank you Mike!!)

    And Congrat's on dipping into the 8's with "Nobody's fool"!! Car looked good.
  11. stagetwo65

    stagetwo65 Wheelie King

    He did, but his old dyno started shaking when the power level on that engine got up into the 900s and he figured it was at it's limit and shut it down.
  12. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    Like shifting at 8500 :3gears:
  13. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    here is a good question, are you gonna rebuild it? and if so, are you gonna look for more power? Im sorry for your loss of the parts broken.
  14. gmcgruther

    gmcgruther Well-Known Member

    Wayne, I'm sorry for asking a rude question back a while ago. I shouldn't of done that. Please except my apology. I'm sorry to hear about your engine (1000 HP Buick) but , I was Wondering if you had a datalogger in the car or a programmable ignition box like the MSD 7 programmable box? Reading data is very important especially in a 1000+ plus HP car. I'm interested in finding out what went wrong first. Sincerely Gary McGruther
  15. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Well-Known Member


    I see 8.17 in your sig. Did you get the engine repaired and improve from first time out?
  16. GSX455

    GSX455 Well-Known Member

    Yes it is back together

    I had it out one time at the end of the season. Weather was not the greatest over 3200 DA. Used up all 3 Time runs shaking the car down so the first full pass was in the first round with Number 1 qualifier. Think I shocked him as Qualifying et was 8.6 and he had put up a 7.95, I think. Believe he went very soft and was put on the trailer when I went 8.21 in that round. In the second round thought I was going to pull another rabbit out, but it was not to be. Vince Khoury (old PS guy) just played with me. I had him at the 60' 1.108 to his 1.251 and I was still out at the 1000' but he took me with a 8.045 @ 171.72 to my 8.179 @ 161.57.

    I also punched it in and was very close to being deep staged the second round. So that clipped the ET a little.

    I was the happiest anybody has ever been who just lost a round after seeing the ticket.

    I did no tuning all day, just made sure we were safe, and keep checking the oil filter. Looks like the issue was the cross drilling of the crank, as plugging the cross drill was the only change made. It went through the traps at 8700 rpm, no sign of issue.

    I did add a HRE Sheet metal intake, ground a couple different cams for it. and it responded with a 5% increase in HP

    from 60' time says 1181 HP
    from 1/4 1048 HP
    from MPH 980 HP

    Hopefully I can work on the back side and in good weather see the 7's ????
  17. Buizila

    Buizila GO BROWNS !!!!!!

    Good job Wayne glad to you got her back together and make some awesome passes.

    I would think that with all the parts,knowledge,man power,and technology at TA Performance Mike could make WAY more than 1000hp naturally aspirated power plant,unless he doesn't want to but I wouldn't understand why you wouldn't givin the fact that the wagon is his rolling commercial ad. The better and fast you go,the more people would want to purchase parts because they have seen the potential performance. Just my 2 cents
  18. BuickGSrules

    BuickGSrules Gold Level Contributor

    Dang, that's some nice numbers. I bet that engine sounds good at 8700 rpm and open headers.
  19. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Well-Known Member

    Nice work Wayne. Hope to see some video soon!
  20. JayZee88

    JayZee88 Well-Known Member

    I say go balls to the wall and see how much power a BUICK can make. It would be one hell of a advertisement to itself. "A world class car holding records in the 21st century and it's a..........BUICK?" Prove to the doubters that Buick means business. Make everyone at the strip FEAR loosing to this 'grandpa car'. That will put some more apples in Buicks barrel

    The only question is how much power and rpm can a tomahawk block take?
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