‘70 Le Sabre in El Paso

Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by newmexguy, Mar 12, 2023.

  1. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    That's the pick a part model, the business model. Just the way they work.
    Big car part sales are a struggle. Ask me how I know, have been selling online for twenty one years. Dumped a pickup load at DVAP six years ago, including some perfect '73 Electra metal - LF fender and radiator support. No buyers.
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  2. RustyFuryIII

    RustyFuryIII Well-Known Member

    I wonder if the glovebox light switch and bulb socket assy for the glovebox light are the same as that which is found in the ‘70 Electra 225?

    If so, I could sure use the assy as mine, for some reason, was missing when I bought the car.

    Dave, just shot you a msg here. I got the spindles today. As you said, they’re in excellent condition.

    Thanks again,

  3. racenu

    racenu Well-Known Member

    I thought the lesabre came with a 350?
  4. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley RIP Staff Member

    Yes, they did but the 455 was optional.
  5. racenu

    racenu Well-Known Member

    Thanks for clearing that up Brad, cheers
  6. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    It's like this: for model year 1970 you could order a base LeSabre or a LeSabre Custom with a 350 or the optional 455 engine for the LeSabre Custom convertible.

    But, you could also order a third model, the LeSabre Custom 455.
    And that car came standard with the 455 engine, but a LeSabre Custom 455 (model series) convertible was not available.

    I took a few photos for you:



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  7. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    From the 1970 Buick brochure:


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  8. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    I bought the cluster and dash harness last week along with a few trinkets. Dash emblem, wiper switch, floor headlight switch etc. The dash shell is very good, only one center crack and the metal is near rust free.

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  9. LSMS

    LSMS Lone Star Motorsports

    Did the engine ever get sold?
  10. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    Yes, engine, trans (turbo 400) and driveshaft are Gone. I didn't buy any of those parts. Too far away from any hypothetical buyers.
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  11. LSMS

    LSMS Lone Star Motorsports

    Thank you for the update.
  12. BQUICK

    BQUICK Gold Level Contributor

    I was lucky with my Jag....only in junkyard for 3 days....I guess they hadn't done the paperwork. No engine, trans or rear. 500 bucks with title

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