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  1. Jim Weise
    That is the car I had thru the 90's.. sold it in 2002 to a guy in Hawaii.. I have more pictures somewhere, will see if I can find them and load them up.
    It was a 3100 lbs back half car, with an iron headed 455 that ran 10.50's.
  2. sean Buick 76
    I like it! How long have you had it and how fast has it ran?
  3. wunquik86'
    I'll second that. I'd love to see a complete set of pics. The 80's Buick and Cutlass Olds just had that; I could be fast, look about em'. Love to have a description of the full car, engine, etc. How about it Jim?
  4. Gallagher
    I'd like to see more pictures of this car.