My 70 Lark

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  1. Harley Biggers

    Great photos, I have always wanted a 70's Buick 'Lark or GS. Either would be fine as if it didn't already I would build a 455 for it. Beautiful color too. Not sure if that shade of red is a factory color or not but either way its not "resell red" so definitely a winner in my book.
  2. Michael_G
    Great project! Looks like good bones. I saw the nesting material before I read your comments and was like "Ah yes... home to a rodent family..." I know enough to be dangerous and have never gone any deeper than replacing a head gasket... and that was on a 67 Chevy straight six back in the "pre-internet era" where I did this in a hotel parking lot as my family and I were moving to my first duty assignment in Great Falls, MT following Technical Training School. I learned a lot and it got the balling rolling for me to learn more. Have fun with it and THANKS for the photos!
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    1. sfish
      Nice, that was my first dive into a motor too-77 Nova i think. Two man job lifting that monster head off, remember cleaning it up in my driveway with gas a a scrub brush. Man was my Dad pissed off at that mess. It was the first of many messes he'd learn to deal with...
      sfish, Jun 9, 2020
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  3. sfish
    This was where it all began, started tearing the heating system apart, searching for the little MF'ers that chewed the wires and filled my ductwork with seat stuffing.
  4. sfish
    Anyone notice something off here??
  5. Michael_G
    Beautiful convertible. Is she stock under the hood? Any more photos?
    1. sfish
      Thanks... stock 350 right now, sending the 455 to machine shop this week and hoping to have it buttoned up just in time for a few last summer rides... maybe sooner.
      sfish, Jun 8, 2020
    2. sfish
      Ive done a bunch of the small nickel and dime stuff-new tunes new 15's with fatties on the back. champion rad-totally ripped the heater box out and rebuilt when I pulled the 10 gallons of mice nests out of the heater core. Fun stuff. Going to be looking for guidance on the 455 build. Haven't been this deep in motor since the late 80's.
      sfish, Jun 8, 2020