My 1970 GS Stage1

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  1. 68 Wildcat
    "Sehr Schoen!!!"
    Nice color and condition!

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  1. Jeff Wells
  2. Booboo and Blue
    Nice pics!! my code 2525 70 stage 1 has the dark blue metallic interior....
    "Fraubluecar" I got some great pics...cant figure out how to load them
  3. Alan Sholtis
    Great Pics! Great use of the sun, you utilized it and it didn't "get in the way". Funny how a little photo skills transform a pic. Have you had a chance to drive down through the little towns by Eagles nest or down to Hallstatt on the way to the Grossglockner? Those would be a great Saturday and Sunday drives for that car. Keep posting pics. That is a rare bird in those parts.
  4. weinh
    Many Thanks! The last picture has been taken at the F1 racetrack in Hockenheim.
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  5. Michael_G
    Beautiful ride! One of my favorite colors too. ...totally agree on that last image... :D
  6. Nathan Leonard
    Very nice. I especially like the last picture.
  7. weinh
    Purchased in 2017 from a nice fellow in North Carolina and then hauled over to southwest Germany. Since then significantly increasing the average engine displacement on our streets :D
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