Hello V-8 Buick.com, meet Rosaline!

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  1. MRP
    Cool looking Buick, love it!
  2. Michael_G
    WELCOME! Rosaline.... Lookin' Fine... :D
  3. Darron72Skylark
    There aren't that many of us 4 door guys! Welcome to the forum! I like Rosaline!
    1. 1970BlackBird
      Thank you very much! Shes a keeper lol Great skylark in your photo! what year?
      1970BlackBird, Apr 6, 2020
    2. Darron72Skylark
      72 Custom. Originally a 350-2 bbl with three on the tree. Now running a spreadbore Holley and Hurst Mastershift on the floor. My engine build is nearly complete and I'll be swapping in a new engine pretty soon (TA heads, forged pistons & rods, 10.4-1 compression, 310 camshaft)
      Darron72Skylark, Apr 7, 2020
  4. patshotrods
    Welcome from another 4-Door Sedan Guy! I have a "1972 Buick Skylark 4-Door Sedan 350".

    1. 1970BlackBird
      Thank you very much! I am a bit of a diehard 4 door guy! What color?
      1970BlackBird, Apr 6, 2020
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    2. patshotrods
      Sales Code: J
      Paint Code: 50
      Trim No. 120
      patshotrods, Apr 6, 2020