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Don't let this old beater fool you. This is a daily driven Buick powered rat rod that I use for commuting, working, and towing.
Been a while sinc my last post. I now have the lift installed and the GS scattered. Went with a Danmar ACX10. It's great. Fabbed a rotisserie for $250 using mostly pack rat material. It works great too. Will be taking the frame for rust dipping and will have the body media blasted. I will complete the chassis before touching the body. If I do this right I will also post photos. Long road ahead.
Big block buick swap into 79 Corvette
Series 4637 2-dr hardtop. Originally 401 / TwinTurbine Dynaflow/ TorqueTube/ Buick 3.23 axle. On it's way to being a 455 T/A Stage II / TH400 / Dana 60 3.73.
1967 Skylark progressing
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1972 Sportwagon found thru
Customer wanted me to tow to the crusher. I gave him scrap weight price and decided to restore. Only had 30k miles. Hadn't ran on 8 years. I found the rotor button out 180 degrees. Turn button and started right up.
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Hey guys, I decided to make some modification to my instrument cluster. I wasn't a big fan of the 3 big gauges in the square boxes since i got the car, so I decided to make it a cleaner, tougher look, delete the lighter and add gauges. It was a lot of work but I'm pretty happy how it came out with the tools i had available to me.
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Winter build
I am doing a LS Swap and have tons of original parts we are open to selling.
Numbers matching and still runs. Only 53k original miles
My son and I are doing a LS Swap don't need the original engine and upgraded tranny, need money for Swap parts ;o)
Basket Case Stage 1 - Currently has a 68 430, has original 4 speed.
300ci with aluminum intake and 4 brl. 1987 Olds 4 speed automatic.