66 Skylark Convertible

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  1. Darron72Skylark
    Boy, that’s really nice!
  2. rolliew
    Not a real 66/67 guy but going to have to make an exception.
    I describe this one as Sleek :)
    1. Les Modrow
      First one I have ever done. Thank you,Les
      Les Modrow, Jan 14, 2022
  3. Michael_G
    She's BEAUTIFUL!! Love the fuzzy dice... Any more photos?
    1. Les Modrow
      I do not have any more that do not have other cars in them.
      Thank you, Les
      Les Modrow, Jan 14, 2022
    2. Michael_G
      That's not a problem (to me) in order to see different angles of this beauty... :)
      Michael_G, Jan 22, 2022
    3. Les Modrow
      It is put up for the winter, but I think I have another one if I can find it.
      Les Modrow, Jan 22, 2022