1973 Gran Sport Stage 1

  • PW/P Seat, tilt, A/C, 4 speed from Tehachapi CA, original paint, 110k miles,4100 lbs - #'s matching 455 with KB C118,, B4B, M4M Q-jet (Everyday Performance), KB headers with 2.5,, Currently has KB Switch Pitch TH400, 3.43 8.5 rear. Best ET 13.67@ 98, best 60 ft 1.89

    14711660_1096488743750357_5274011011229389620_o.jpg 14939473_10207923238061943_4341285632641413471_o.jpg mini-IMG_2092.JPG mini-IMG_2269.JPG

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  1. 1973gs
    Nice car! We need to see more of these.
  2. Rob73Buick
  3. Smokey15
    Original 4-speed, rare! If I ever find a similar Skylark, I might just buy it. My wife had one way before we met. Her jackass ex sold it without her knowledge. She was p-o'd . Yours is sweet, especially with original paint!
    1. Brian Albrecht
      Brian Albrecht, Dec 15, 2017