1973 Century Gran Sport Stage1 Four Speed. 1 of 92

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  1. Tom Nesser
    Love your 73 Phil ..... Back in the early 1980’s the guy who repaired my business trucks here in W.NY (and sold used cars on the side) had a 73 Gran Sport Stage 1 - 4 speed on his lot. Not sure where he got it. It was the identical color combination as your car Phil. He called me because when he replaced the clutch he resurfaced the flywheel and the car developed a terrible out-of-balance vibration. He needed a new flywheel and I had one. I hooked him up with the flywheel and it solved the problem. I could’ve bought the car for $3500. I knew the colonnade stick cars were ultra rare (even back then) but I was still too in love with the 70-72 GS body style. I never thought that body style would catch on. Now I like them! I’m sure I will try to latch onto one at some point. Hindsight, right!
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  2. rolliew
    Great car
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  3. Darron72Skylark
  4. no1oldsfan
    Golly gosh that is a beautiful car. That should be posted in Members Rides
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  5. FLGS400

    I wish my 1974 Malibu 2-door was in such awesome condition...
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  6. Michael_G
    Sweet looking ride...
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  7. RoseBud68
    Red Headed step child....Or in this case, Gold. Great looking car.
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  8. patshotrods
    Very Nice Philip! I love the color combo!
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