1972 Stage 2 Sedan

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  • 1972 Skylark 2-door sedan.
    462, TA Stage 2 SE heads, KB Wildcat intake, 1050 Holley, 2-1/8" headers, 3" X-pipe exhaust, 9" with 4.11 gears, manual steering, manual disc brakes, no heater or A/C, no radio. Popular Hot Rodding magazine cover car 2008.
    e.t.: 10's so far.

    72 Sedan.JPG
    1972 Sedan (1).JPG
    1972 Sedan Stage 2  (1).JPG
    1972 Sedan Stage 2  (2).JPG
    1972 Sedan Interior.jpg
    1972 Sedan Burn Out 1.jpg
    1972 Sedan Burn Out 2.jpg

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  1. stump puller455
  2. GKMoz
    Gorgeous car inside & out and bad a_ _ as it looks power wise
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  3. Dennis S
    I love the simplicity of this car . What a statement !
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  1. moleary
    Bringing up my motivation.

    Where is this car now?
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  2. Thumper (aka greatscat)
    heres a couple pics, I removed the stage2 scooped hood,don't need it anymore lol, put the stock one back on for a more stealthy look. But once its fired the whine kinda gives it away. well I guess I'm pretty stupid, can't figure out how to attach the pics.
  3. Thumper (aka greatscat)
    Hmmm. looks familiar.

    I have a candidate though. Very similar but with a little bigger bullet. heh-heh.
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    1. sriley531
      Hey Gary, I was doing some poking around and didn't see anything, is there a thread with info on this new car?? If its coming outta the Paine camp, I gotta see it!!
      sriley531, Apr 17, 2017
  4. sriley531
    Ahhh, the car that inspired my madness. Stellar ride Sir!!
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  5. moleary
    Is that Gary's old car?
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    2. moleary
      It inspired my build...I have the Tommy Lee Byrd "Street Sleeper" coffee table book which it is featured in.

      moleary, Apr 8, 2017
    3. BUQUICK
      Gary did own it briefly. He's got another nice black car now.

      I hope to use the car more this year.
      BUQUICK, Apr 9, 2017
  6. Dano
    Wow! Very nice.
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  7. Smokey15
    Very clean! Love the stance. If it weren't for the scoop, no one would suspect......................
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  8. 71stagegs
    beautiful car
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