1971 Skylark Custom 2 door

  • 16642255229864083247794256407809.jpg Colorado desert car 88,000 miles.
    Not running currently.
    Lots of options. (Custom)
    TD motor
    Very little rust through. Great sheet metal and chrome is almost perfect.
    Originally green with not sure what color vinyl top.
    2 tone interior.
    Body tag added.
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  1. skylarkpaul
    I verified I have a matching block.
    Heads , intake, carb, exhaust manifold s all gone. I have all these parts.
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  2. accelr8
    Nice find!!!
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  3. Michael_G
    Cool project car. What is your plan?
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    1. skylarkpaul
      I plan on a restore , use the stock motor. Vinyl top back on. Paint green, stock maybe, interior stock. Drive it.
      skylarkpaul, Sep 22, 2022
  4. FLGS400
    If you post a picture of the body tag (on the cowl, driver side) in the regular forums, some one here should be able to decode the colors for you.
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