1967 Buick GS 400

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  1. Michael_G
    Quite the beauty you have there... :D
  2. angelorayhurst
    "Nice 67"
    Very nice 67:cool:
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  1. patshotrods
    Looks Amazing Frank!
  2. mrolds69
    Usually, my GF drives the 67 if we go to shows together. If I'm alone I'll take the 67 to local cruises. We take the 70 for the far away big shows or cruises.
  3. GearDown767
    how do you decide which one to drive in the morning? gorgeous cars!!:)
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  4. Clay Fees
    I would love to have your permission to use the pics of your car in a book project I am working on. If you are interested please email me at clayfees@yahoo.com.
    That is a beautiful '67.
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