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  1. Michael_G
  3. RoseBud68
    Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Just an FYI....The trunk lid on all '71 GS have two emblems. Your missing the "By Buick" one.
  5. Michael_G
    Time to bring her back to glory... :D -MIG
  6. Michael_G
    She's lookin' sweet! Cool trophy... unique car paint indeed :D -MIG
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  7. Max Damage
  8. OldDrummer55
  9. RoseBud68
  10. Tom Nesser
    Love your 73 Phil ..... Back in the early 1980’s the guy who repaired my business trucks here in W.NY (and sold used cars on the side) had a 73 Gran Sport Stage 1 - 4 speed on his lot. Not sure where he got it. It was the identical color...
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  11. rolliew
  12. Dalton69Skylark
    Great ride. Good man, keeping the memories alive. Mine is deep in family history too. I understand your logic. Thanks for the photos.
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  13. Michael_G
    She's beautiful! What's her story? -MIG
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  14. RoseBud68
  15. patshotrods