WTB: Buick 425 dual quad intake

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by cobravii, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. cobravii

    cobravii Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,

    like my title says..... I am looking for a Buick 425 dual quad intake. I somehow cracked mine yesterday. I'm sure it can be repaired and will find a way to do it but I don't want a repaired intake for this car.
    Does anyone have a dual quad intake they want to part with?

    Please contact me at cobravii@shaw.ca

  2. OHC JOE


    I thought wheelz had one
  3. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    Check nailheadbuick.com. He's got just about everything for them.
  4. TheRev

    TheRev Silver Level contributor

    Dual Quad Dave - (954) 270-9299
  5. cobravii

    cobravii Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info everyone. I'm still looking.....
  6. 66 buick guy

    66 buick guy Member

    You can carefully stick weld that cast if you do it right. first, grind a slight V on each side of the crack so you can fill in the void then heat that sucker up cherry red with an oxy acet torch and go to town filling in the void with a nice sealed bead then carefuly take the torch back to it letting it cool very slowly. Grind it smooth and all should be well.

  7. woodenbuick

    woodenbuick Well-Known Member

    I have always heated mine in the oven first and then stuck it back in after I was done and cooled it slowly. Wife hates it.
  8. 66 buick guy

    66 buick guy Member

    I bet the residual paint doesn't smell the best hahaha.... I can see myself doing that

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