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  1. Cutlass

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    In order to pressure bleed I decided to get the big adapter from Motive Products, suitable for the Wilwood M/C.
    From the spot I decided to not go with the supplied chains to seal the adapter on the M/C, but to do some homemade stuff.
    IMG_0127.JPG IMG_0129.JPG
    Pressure bleeding went very well, however disaster stroke when I removed the adapter. Because the M/C, once mounted in the car, is tilted about 20°, there was way to much brake fluid in the M/C, which spilled out at the lowest point, the corner towards the booster. Fortunately I had placed rags underneath the M/C which soaked in the majority of the fluid. Still some fluid dripped onto the inner fender and the frame. I gave it a good rinse with brake cleaner, followed by water, and dried everything with dry rags. So far I did not notice any damage.

    In order to avoid this in the future, I decided to modify the adaptor. I installed a valve. While pressure bleeding the valve will be closed. Once done and pressure is zero, I open the valve and insert a small tube into the valve. Thru that tube I remove the excess brake fluid with vacuum. The length of the tube into the M/C is set such, that the fluid level in the M/C is about 1/4" below the lowest point of the M/C. The length can adjusted and is set by the collar.
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    Neat! Would you try to drain both chambers?
  3. gstewart

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    that is steep angle..
  4. Cutlass

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    The wall in between both chambers has a hole, so that the fluid level is equalized.

    I know, I wondered about it also. This is how I bought the car, so I took it for granted.

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