Troubleshooting Non-Depressed Park Wiper Systems

Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by bigwilly, Oct 20, 2015.

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    On my 65' skylark the wipers don't can I test the wiper motor with jumper wire ? and also how to test wiper switch by continuity test ?? thanks for any info
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    Re: wipers not working

    The wiper switch only supplies a ground to the wiper motor and washer. If it is 2 speed there are 2 connectors on the back of the wiper switch. Unplug the switch and run a jumper wire to each wire one at a time should be low speed, hi speed and washer.
    Should have positive battery switched voltage at the yellow wire at the wiper motor with the key on coming from the wiper fuse under dash.

    Most problems I have seen are the switch. The grease will harden inside the switch and the ground will not come thru the switch. If the switch is nor tight in the dash it will not work either. that is where the switch gets its ground.

    Jim C
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    Re: wipers not working

    I had issues with the wiper motor in our '62 LeSabre. I ran a ground wire from the switch to eliminate that. I wound up having the motor rebuilt.
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    Re: wipers not working

    There is an EXCELLENT post on "Team Chevelle" about how to test wipers. Do a search for:

    Understanding Non-Depressed Park Wiper Systems.

    It should be a sticky here. As said, It's all about the grounds. Most times all that needs to be done is take apart the switch & clean the contacts.

    Tom T.
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    1967 Buick GS400 windshield wipers were not working. Checked switch connections and ground. Also replaced windshield washer pump. Now, the wipers work on lie and high, but the wipers will not park themselves. Also, the washers work, but as soon as they are turned on, they stay on until the wipers are turned off. Any ideas what to check next?

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