Trade Wheel Balancer for Buick 455 or ?

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by BuickBoy, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. BuickBoy

    BuickBoy Silver Level contributor

    I bought several balancers and tire changers in one auction lot from a SAMS CLUB that was relocating. I kept one each for my shop and sold the other tire changer. I only have this nice balancer left. I would love to trade for a Good Running 455 and auto trans for a driver car. OR other 400-455 or nailhead speed parts. Asking $ 1200.00 shipped (lower 48 states USA ) LTL truck freight ( must be to a business or pick up at truck term ) Please make any trade offers to me at and include info and pics. Thank you !


    Nice Used Corghi 8540 ----Ready to put to work !

    This unit was just taken out of a major retailer store that was moving to a larger facility.

    ( this sale is for the balancer only ( includes spin nut )- optional attachments are not included , The shop it came out of kept the cones ) Cones are readily available from the Mfg and many vendors online and local. One of the best suppliers online is AESCO 1-800-626-0646

    Here are some of the key features :

    Split weight program
    Automatic data entry
    Hidden weight program
    Alu balancing programs
    Precision weight placement
    Multiple operator programs
    Automatic weight position search
    Optimization, quick and easy, minimizes weight use
    Quick-Lock for pneumatic clamping (Optional)
    Automatic calibration
    ISO 9001 Certified Specifications
    Voltage 110V 1 Ph
    Tire Diameter Up to 36"
    Rim Width 1.5"-20"
    Rim Diameter 1"-25"
    Spin Time 5.5 sec
    Balance Speed 60-120 rpm
    Shaft Diameter 38 mm
    Max. Tire Weight 160 lbs
  2. BuickBoy

    BuickBoy Silver Level contributor

  3. BuickBoy

    BuickBoy Silver Level contributor

    This balancer is just taking up space that I do not have...........Come on lets trade for something ??????????

    Nice to be able to do your own stuff..........added benifit is that people you have not seen for years will show up at your shop for free balancing and help.(Sometimes they bring beer )

    Will consider trades for Buick 400-455 OR Nailhead Hi-Po Parts


    GSX style front & rear spoiler


    ???????????????? Trades for ???????? .....try me ? send offers with pics to or PM
  4. BuickBoy

    BuickBoy Silver Level contributor

    Well I tried to recycle my unwanted stuff into Buick parts..............

    Anyone have any interest in a Buick Parts Trade before I list this on e-bay ??

    Thanks for looking !
  5. Brian

    Brian Displaced VA Hillbilly

    How much if I come pick it up? I live in central NC.
  6. BuickBoy

    BuickBoy Silver Level contributor

    $ 900.00 Cash or Trade if you pick up and I do not have to package for and pay LTL truck freight.

    Thanks !
  7. BuickBoy

    BuickBoy Silver Level contributor

    I made a deal with a board member to trade the balancer for a good running 455...Thanks for looking !

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