Tornado in Montana

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by ardun53, Jun 21, 2010.

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    I never thought I'd be posting something like this. It's 1:20 Mountain time and I'm a beer+ into the night trying to calm down enough to sleep. At 4:30 mountain time a F1 or F2 twister hit a dozen or so buildings near the corner of Lake Elmo and Main in Billings Montana. For the rest of the human race that doesn't live in my corner of the world this would be equivient to Time Square NY. I't is the most traveled intersection in the state. On this location my parents have had a Laundromat for 33 years. The building it was located in is now Gone! Most of the board won't recognize my name or Log in, but relize I'm on here every day if I can and It is a large part of my daily life and Family. Most will never see first hand this kind of devistation or recive this kind of blow to your core. I started working at this store when I was 3 filling vending machines and helping out. It has now evolved into what I concider the extra income in life. Providing my wife and I with the extra's in life that make my car/buick passion possible. My folks came over for a late dinner tonight and were worried about how my wife and I will get buy with out the extra income untill we can rebuild. Trying now to rap my Engineering head around the problem but still can't come up with a solution. To those out there who have been delt a similar catasophe, I now understand the full relevence of your pain and suffering and send all my deepest prayers your way. This was an EXTREEMLY lucky situation where no casualties are recorded and only bisnesses were affected. Had this occured 24 hours on either side and many lives could have been lost. The local concert/sports venue was just down the street and It is looking like a complete loss as well. Last night it was filled with 3000+ for the last indoor football game of the season, and had it been tomorrow it would have been in the middle of rush-hour traffic in a strech of road that sees 10000 cars in the time between 4-6 PM. God thank you for your mercy when I don't understand your Plan
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    Amazing......your going through this, yet you remind us what we fail to realize. We'll keep you in our prayers. Glad nobody got hurt.
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    So sorry to hear that. As I'm sure you know, most importantly you still have your health. I know you will find a way to get by and/or figure out how you will survive. I've been to Montana 3 times (one trip was specifically to get married in GNP) and all the permanent residents are some of the best people we have ever met. Very self reliant, resiliant and of great character. I'm sure you are no different.

    Hang in there. There is always a way, you just have to figure it out with Gods help.
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    Jake, sounds like quite a ride. I'm glad that you and your family and community are safe. Prayers are lifted here for you all. God bless.
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    I just flew over Montana on the way back from Portland on Sat. I am sorry you went through this. Are you insured?
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    yes we have building insurance (just paid the 1st premium today!) and we have buisness insurance. We lost two tentents today their buisness are gone. One of the gals was insured for damages but the barber next door didn't have any coverage. Dad and I spent most of the day clearing out the barbershop before they demo the rest of her walls. We will go on but are now thinking they will write off the whole building and put us out of commision for a couple more months. The amazing thing is I lost NO equipment, some bent ducting and a couple of roof-top AC units that are accross the street but my Speed queens suffered almost Zero damage. If they would re-run power to the building I could re open in two days. The coment I made to my Dad this afternoon as we Locked the door and walked away was:"this is the 1st day we've been competely closed in 26 years. 6am to midnight x 26 years x 365 days a year is quite a run!!!
    Thanks for the prayers from the brother's in Buick.

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    You guys were pretty lucky, I'm glad nobody was hurt very bad. My niece lives north of the Metra, she lost power thats about all. Good luck with the R&R of the business. If it helps the Buick is up and running now.
    Thanks Rick
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    Rick on the bright side, i've got weekends off for a while

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    Come to the drags this weekend, states points race should be lots of cars.
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    Rick I'd love to maybe I can talk my wife into running up for the day. But I've got alot of digging out to do around here.
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    Ardun, good to know the insurance company's gonna come through. Still sucks this happened at all.

    You'll probably be getting lots of people up from Billings for the drags, they officially announced our tracks closing last week. A few of my friends will be making the trip, however I cant make it

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