Stator support shaft damaged on a ST300 ('64 Skylark)

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  1. Buzyfry

    Buzyfry New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm Nicolas from the west coast of France, and I own a '64 Buick Skylark with initially transmission leaks issues.

    After removing the ST300 from the car, and removing the converter I noticed that the stator support shaft splines were damaged (about half of every spline) as you can see on the picture.


    Do you know if this part is removable from the oil pump body? Does it exist somewhere as a spare part (I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet)?

    First I wanted to rebuild it with Loctite 3478 so I asked Henkel hotline but the technician told me that it's more a glue than something to "recreate" the splines (and I don't want my converter to be stuck on the stator support shaft).

    Tell me your opinion about this!

  2. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    Not sure, but the input shaft might be the same as the 400, but others would know better than I. That is a switch pitch transmission, so the input shaft is different, the stator splines are half the length of the splines on it's fixed pitch counterpart. If the splines are that chewed up, I'm sure the splines in the torque converter are damaged as well. If you want to keep the switch pitch function, you'll need to source the switch pitch shaft, and repair the converter as well. That is naturally less common than the fixed pitch input shaft, and converter of course. The switch pitch converter will not work on a fixed pitch input shaft, so whatever you do, you will need to source compatible parts. You could convert it over to fixed pitch, or even swap over to a 3 speed THM 350 if worse comes to worse.
  3. BrunoD

    BrunoD Looking for Fast Eddie

    In case you need it,I have the all kit to change a trains to a SP one.I maybe able also to sell you some parts.but not sure right now.I also have a SP 65 trainy.Bruno.
  4. philbquick

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    I have a 65 ST300 that was behind a V6. It must have been rebuilt since it did not have a switch pitch converter when removed. You are welcome to it for the shipping from Florida.

    BRUCE ROE Well-Known Member

    I have a slightly later ST300 pump assembly; I think they upgraded those splines
    a bit. I noted those parts are NOT interchangeable with a TH400, though the
    converters are. That outer stator support shell is pressed into the inner half of
    the pump assembly, and I would never try to take them apart here.

    As for me, I replaced a 2 speed with a TH400 which is tougher and allows still
    having a switch pitch. Not quite a bolt in, the support moves back 6 3/8" and
    a different, very short yoke goes on the drive shaft. My Olds flex plates are drilled
    for either a 12" or 13" converter; don't know about yours.

    Does your trans have a BOP pattern? Bruce Roe
  6. Buzyfry

    Buzyfry New Member

    Thanks everyone for your answers!

    I think I solved my problem as meanwhile I found someone selling an used ST300 that was mounted on an Oldsmobile... And it's in France! I wasn't too convinced about finding a ST300 on our local "eBay" but I tried and I found one! Lucky me!

    Yep my trans has BOP pattern:

    And the plate has holes for 2 types of converters:

    Here is my car btw, bonus pic!

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