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  1. wkillgs

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    Jason, I took a closer look at my setup.
    The aftermarket AFB's have a slightly lower air cleaner mounting surface, about 3-1/4" from the carb base vs 3-3/4" for an original '66 carb.
    My fuel inlet is on the side of the carb which makes it wider.... I can't go with a dropped base since it won't fit inside of the filter element.
    The stock '66 carbs have fuel inlet on front, so maybe you can drop the base/element around the carbs. Throttle linkage will interfere at some point, that seems to be the next interference point on those carbs. Maybe you could do a dropped base on a stock carb setup.

    Here's a few more pics of my setup. Base is just 1/8" alum plate, with cutouts for the acc pump... you won't have to make clearance cuts for your stock carbs since the a/c mounting surface is higher.
    The base plate attaches to some simple brackets on the carbs. I used Dzus fasteners to make removal of base easy.
    A piece of alum angle attaches to base for the top lid to attach to with a stud/wing nut.

    If you like doing fabrication, you can just buy the Ford filter element, Baldwin filter PA 632, make a base, and maybe a plain flat top (or have something milled).
    DSCF1463 (Copy).jpg DSCF1466 (Copy).jpg DSCF1470 (Copy).JPG
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    Jason, that's the one I have on my '65 Riv. Bought it from Summit. The build quality is fabulous and height is not a problem but it doesn't quite fit the original carbs. I'm planning to fabricate a base plate to fill the gaps.
  3. larkone

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    I found the air cleaner.

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    where did you find it. what size are the filters
  5. larkone

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    A8346403-F45F-4D20-BF6A-F435C0D8F609.jpeg Found it at GS nationals in 2005 from vendor in CA named Jerry Salley. He was making them exclusively to fit stock carb nailhead manifold. Filters are 9 inch.

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  6. marxjunk

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  7. marxjunk

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    those look like Badger's...really hard to get and incredibly in demand..its a 60s thing...Badgers where part of the Royal Bobcat package...a hi po upgrade that went from air cleaners to cam changes etc
  8. TrunkMonkey

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    I like this one.


    Got it from Russ Martin.

    You can get the air horn adapters for the large and small carb air horns.


    This is with the cover removed. You can run it with the cover removed as there is a top plate that covers and secures the assembly. I used the one piece serrated washer lock nuts so they do not have to be over torqued to stay in place.
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    Intersting, the guy was redoing a 62 supposedly from Royal, but since he was going for a as delivered restoration and didn't have any paperwork on them he put them on Evilbay, I like the look, also found another set very similar just different AL vent pattern.

  10. marxjunk

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    thats an obrien truckers...i like them a lot
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    Hi again,

    Yep you were correct, Badger, as I found a semi-nos ones of what I have on ebay a few weeks ago, original boxes, never found much info on them online.

  12. marxjunk

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    Jim its a big Pontiac/GTO thing...lots of info out there when ya search royal bobcat Catalina/Gran Prix and GTOs theres images out there, and detailed descriptions what came with them...

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