Should i shorten or lengthen by headers

Discussion in 'TA Performance' started by wunquik86', Jan 27, 2016.

  1. wunquik86'

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    Installed my 455 with the 700R4 in my 71' Skylark last night. Problem arose as i tried to install the headers. The top of the flange where the collector bolts on hits the crossmember and i cannot get the header tight against the head to put front bolts in. I have the long tube headers from Mike. Question? will it cause any negative effects if i cut 3" out of the header or should i add and additional 6" piece. I felt it would be easier for me to do one of these than to try and remodel a crossmember. Thanks for you input here.
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    The better option is to sell those and buy some that fit.
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    You could loosen the crossmember and bolt the header to engine.Then put a long pipe in the collecter and bend it down a little.If the header is hitting the flange part of the crossmember you mlght oblong the holes in the chassie and move the member to clear.If you do that make sure your trans mount has enough slide on the crossmember.I had to bend both headers down about 1in and it worked fine. Just take your time and bend it a little at a time.
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    Clearance the cross member. I had to do that with my MT headers.
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    Thanks guys, really appreciate the input. Ran into another road block tonight. Champion radiator in place, then-----fan was too thick to go between rad and water pump shaft. Had to order dual fans, 1" less thickness. (Glad Jegs ships same day until 11 pm.) So I've lost another 3 days or so. Looking on the positive, I can get my header problem fixed. Have a great weekend.
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    How is the transmission attached to the crossmember, and how does the transmission line up with the rear end? Almost sounds like the rear of the transmission is too high, so the front on the engine is tilting down which is causing the collector to hit the cross member.
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    I would probably add the 6" piece if that's the route you chose. Might even help performance wise. Not sure how much you need to move the header down but I would look at the trans mount. I'm not familiar with that mount so maybe a thinner one from another application. Bending the header would be one of the first options I would look at. I have put a pipe in the collector and bent the header around to make it fit the cross member in the past as Phil mentioned. You will need to get the header bolted to the head first and you should have the car on a lift. Solid trans mounts are not always recommended but would be easy to make one just thinner. The good thing if you look this direction is that the Buick cross member is mounted in rubber to the frame so you shouldn't have much of an issue, as some may say that you could crack the tail housing with a solid trans mount. Most cross members are mounted solid to the frame in other makes but the not your Buick.
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    Try another crossmember (Re: Should i shorten or lengthen by headers)

    Dear wunquik86 and V-8 Buick clearance experts,

    My trusty 1965 Buick Special wagon has the TA 2014CHC competition headers and a 200-4R tranny. To make it all fit, I went with a G-force transmission cross member:

    It may be similar to the one that Summit sells, it does look similar. Here is a picture of how it all fit:


    Sorry not the best quality, but the best I've got. It should be possible to avoid changing the headers and still make everything fit.

    I hope this helps.


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