scrutinize this strange 71 GS ebay fodder

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by BuicksRock, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. BuicksRock

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  2. dave64

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    Sure its a real GS......the "Grandsport" version!
    Those seats have to go, can't quite make out what was in those cans ( engine additives?). He does advertise it as needing work, wheels look pretty good, and I suppose at $1300 it wouldn't be too bad a deal but any car I've ever bought that somebody started butchering seats etc,turned out to be trouble.

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  4. Chris Lott

    Chris Lott 4 speed finally

    It looks to me like a good project for someone. The car looks fairly solid, a good start for a driver anyway. You would have to plan on spending 300-400 to get a ram air hood with the correct grills, and probably another 150 or so for the air cleaner. Then if you wanted the correct bucket seats back in it you would probably drop another 150 or 200 for decent ones, maybe 300-350 for recovered buckets. All in all it doesn't look to bad other than the initial missing parts factor.
  5. gsdave

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    This car looks kind of familar to me,I would swear it was on ebay last fall with all those missing parts still in place.
    but I could be wrong, does this jog anyone else's memory.
  6. 462CID

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    Why are the fenders and hood replacement parts?

    I'll tell you why: he crashed it.

    And if that's a real GS, where's the aircleaner? He tracked down a non GS aircleaner? And then points out very clearly it's a real GS by citing the VIN again...Gee, nobody could swap out a VIN...I mean, those things are held in by rivets!:laugh: Check the numbers, all buyers, on the driveline.

    I'd be very leary of buying this car because it's a "GS". The price is right, but don't think you're getting a gauranteed real GS for that price. Buyer beware!
  7. lostGS

    lostGS Well-Known Member

    The air cleaner tells me that it may have even had a engine transplant, or maybe a Vin tag transplant?????

  8. Smartin

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    Did the non-GS Skylark ever come with sport mirrors? I think this guy went through a lot of trouble trying to fake this GS. (Assuming that's what he did)

    He would've had to change qiute a few things - including the trunk deck lid that actually matches the rest of the faded red-orange paint on the car. This is definitely a head scratcher...I would love to get a first hand look at that Code Plate under the hood. HMMMM....fresh rivets!

  9. 462CID

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    As far as I know, the '70 GSX was the first in the GS line to offer Sport Mirrors. After 1970, many GSX options could be ordered on any GS. The addition of sport mirrors proves nothing about the car's true origins; I have a set of adapters that will make an '80s Regal's mirrors fit on my '70 Skylark. I prefer the chrome mirrors, so I haven't used them. But if this car in question really isn't a GS, the mirrors are not the deciding factor- the car is an old car by now, any owner from the '70s until now could have swapped mirrors. It is even a possibilty that once upon a time, the owner of this car got a set of doors off a GSX. Who knows what's happened to the car since it rolled off the assembly line? But anyway, the mirrors prove nothing.
  10. BuicksRock

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    I e-mailed the seller of this car and asked some questions. He didn't answer any of them except to say that he was pretty sure it had been wrecked (guess you were right Chris Blair).

    I emailed back to ask what made him think it had been wrecked, and I asked what condition the frame was in and if the car could be driven on the highway, he replied:

    "by looking at the nose and front fenders it has your typical rust, not terminal. Is there a 71 model unrestored that doesn't?"

    What? :rolleyes: that didn't really answer my questions about the past wreck, driving it on the highway or frame rust now did it. I've got a bad feeling about this one, he seems to be evading simple questions.


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