SBB 350/3.8 swap valve cover fitment issues

Discussion in 'V-8 Buick Powered Regals' started by Sowle, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. 1987Regal

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  2. Sowle

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    I have in mind that I am wanting a clean factory look. I have spotted a shop that claims to have converted the buick distributor to emissions setup. I have available a 307 Cutlass and a Monte SS for parts but haven't had any time to which is the better "donor" for this or both or I'm dreaming. The labor part doesn't worry me at all it's the -after install issues. I ran into this with my International scout converting it to later model fuel injection off a chevy pickup.
  3. Sowle

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    Holy cow that kit is awesome. Good to know for another project thanks. But no for this one. Again factory clean look.
  4. usetaboost

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    I'm in Iowa also. Where are you guys finding g these 350s? Its the route I wanted to go also but for some reason 455s are much easier to find and cheaper. I'm getting a rebuilt 73 455 with ta113 cam and bowl ported heads for 1000 plus my core. Already broke in. Going to pick it up in a few weeks.

    I read that if you use the later "corporate" valve covers there is a more clearance.
  5. 1987Regal

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    I got my buick 350 threw hawkeye downs swap meet many years ago, although I did find my 69 block from a very old parts yard in the boonies, the guy had a couple 430, 455 and 350's and other old cars. but some cars will slowly go missing (get crushed) because of some new laws going into effect. Something a long the lines of if a salvage yard has a car and no title they maybe fined, at least that is how he made it sound. Also watch craigslist sometimes complete engines will show up for a couple hundred dollars and check different towns that you would drive the distance to. Josh
  6. Sowle

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    Yes craigslist is great. If you have a need for a sbb 350 and have no luck I have a few in different conditions. Just send a message.
  7. partsrparts

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    I know it's been 3yrs since this post but did you hear if anyone has used the poly V6 mounts on a 350?
  8. sean Buick 76

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    They should work

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