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  1. 70skylark350

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    Hi, I rebuilt a 8.2 posi rear for my 70 skylark. its all built and installed out to the backing plates. I need park brake cables, brake shoes, hardware and drums and shes ready to drive. I have been looking for parts but not sure where to buy quality and correct parts. I found this kit on ebay,

    but it looks like a one size fits all kit. I know Buick drums are slightly different than Chevy, I believe Chevy will fit but will it be an issue? where else would you guys suggest I look for these parts? OPGI?
  2. jaye

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    It look like mine however, compare part# to OPG, Yearone and your local parts store; I brought hardware and drums from advance auto parts and they were spot on, plus no shipping fees.
  3. BrianTrick

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    The parts inside the drum are the same as Chevelle. Some of the Chevelle axles have a very slight step in the pilot hub,which would require a light honing of the hub bore on the drum. That is your difference.
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