QJ major stumble at high RPM

Discussion in 'The Venerable Q-Jet' started by ravensbud, Sep 29, 2017.

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    im sure anyone with a dyno like JW will know how much should be in the bucket. You would be able to tell if your flow peters off though. If you start strong you should finish strong. We are talking electric fuel pumps, . Ha Ha Larry I believe my subconscious had that chassis manual opened to that page so I could have that revelation. I know there are equations you can plug the nums into and come up with an amount or range to be in.Can valve springs floating have the same affect.? You are falling on your nose at the top of the gear.
  2. HotRodRivi

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    A couple full throttle runs resulted in same thing....pressure crashes quickly to 2-3lbs above 5k in second gear, engine stumbles and I quickly get out of it.

    Whats hapening to the voltage during all this. An electric pump with a return line dosent care what gear or rpm your in, it will humm along regardless. That would be funny if your problem all along was a loose wire . An electronic hiccup.
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    This is a mechanical pump. As stated earlier, RobbMc 1100hp version. Theoretically should work just fine, but as Cliff has related sometimes the best mechanical setup just doesn’t cut it in a particular car.
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    This tread has wrongly assumed the problem was with the QJ carburatior. The Qjet is above that and does not feel offended. Qjet is quite used to that.

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