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Discussion in 'Wet behind the ears??' started by Sandro, Nov 21, 2020 at 4:13 AM.

  1. Sandro

    Sandro Member

    Howdy! Since last week I am the proud owner of a 1971 Gran Sport 455 Stage-1 by TriShield Performance! In Germany this is a really rare car. You are the true eye-catcher on the road, if you either cruise along relaxed slowly or accelerate incredibly smoothly. And remember: on the German Autobahn there is no speed limit :eek:


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  2. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    Congratulations and welcome. We have several members from Germany.
  3. BaCo

    BaCo member

    Welcome. Cool looking car. :cool:
  4. gsfred

    gsfred Founders Club Member

    Welcome aboard from NY.
  5. Houmark

    Houmark Well-Known Member

    Welcome from Denmark..
  6. gsconv

    gsconv BPG# 1603

    Welcome aboard! License plate a little bigger than here in the USA.
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  7. Sandro

    Sandro Member

    Yes, this is the standard size in Germany. However, only a temporary license plate with a validity of a few days is mounted on the car, so that the car can be transferred after the purchase. Meanwhile I have an allowance for a license plate according to US size.
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  8. Cutlass

    Cutlass Platinum Level Contributor

    Welcome from Schweinfurt. Did you buy the car here in Germany? I believe I saw an ad sometime ago, stating that the engine was done by TSP.
    Congratulation, nice looking car.
  9. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    Herzlich willkommen... according to google translate. Your car looks just like mine (minus the spoiler).
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  10. ynotbuick

    ynotbuick Platinum Level Contributor

    Hello from ND. Nice looking car.
  11. Chuck Bridges

    Chuck Bridges Well-Known Member

    Hello from Alberta Canada. You have a really nice car there.
  12. philbquick

    philbquick Founders Club Member

    Welcome from Tampa Bay Florida! I was stationed at Rhein Main 76 to 78. I restored a 64 Chevelle and a 70 BMW while I was in Germany.
  13. Sandro

    Sandro Member

    Yes, indeed. This car was announced some months ago. The car belonged to an owner in Switzerland for a long time before the last owner in Western Germany. Possibly originally registered in Canada, because already metric speedometer etc.
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  14. Sandro

    Sandro Member

    @all - thanks for the warm welcome :D
  15. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    If it was sold in Canada originally, you have access to the originating documents notwithstanding it is a 71 model.

    I have personally experienced a few high speed passes on the German Autobahn. The noisiest was by a couple of motorcycles. The worst, however, is in Paris where the motorcycles pass at high speed in between the cars when all the lanes are already full. They maybe have 6 to 18 inches to clear the cars on both sides.
  16. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Well-Known Member

    Nice car!

    Another welcome from the Tampa Bay area in Florida!
  17. Nailhead in a 1967

    Nailhead in a 1967 Kell-Mnown Wember

    Google when Canada went metric... I think that will suprise you.

    Maybe the car was built in Switzerland?
  18. Michael_G

    Michael_G Living the Dream... Fast with Class...

    WELCOME! from Miami, Florida... She's absolutely beautiful :)
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  19. Sandro

    Sandro Member

    wikipedia: "Metrication in Canada began in 1970 and ceased in 1985."

    No, in Switzerland they produce tasty cheese, but not THAT kind of cars :)
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  20. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Welcome from Chicago!

    That must be a real head turner out there

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