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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by Buickboy8, Sep 18, 2004.

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    I own 2 - 65 Buick Skylark convertables. Both had Wildcat 310's (300) in them. Both have the same 10 bolt rear end. I'm trying to find out what size they are and the stock ratio that they came with. I want to beef up one with a limitted slip. Can anyone tell me what I have and what I can do to make them more solid. Also can someone let me know which company makes a good limitted slip setup for them.
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    Hi Buickboy,

    Welcome to the board. I am not really up on 65 vintage cars, however from the info. I have the ratios avail. in 65 ranged from 2.56 to 4.30. Try looking on the axle for any code numbers There should be a two letter code usually found on the axle tube close to the pumpkin. You can also remove the cover and check the ring gear for numbers or count the teeth and do the math. Ring gear teeth divided by pinion teeth.

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    If it helps........

    w/o G80 option (posi)

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    You have the 8.2" rear. Your cheapest solution is to install the 71-2 Skylark/Cutlass corporate 8.5" rears. Parts for them are cheap and you can use the 8.5" center section/posi from any 71-89 GM 8.5" rear. Most full size wagons from 80-89 have posi rears and 3.08-3.42 gears.

    You can also buy 8.2" posi units and gears but expect to pay 50%-75" more for them.

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