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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Adam Whitman, Apr 14, 2002.

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    mini starter 364-401-425

    brand new $275.00 to your door,rebuilt $235.00 to your door(us only. will ship anywhere for shipping cost) send me a p/m if you want one or questions :TU:

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    I just got off the phone with Gordon Automotive/Automatic transmission parts.
    I ordered stuff for an Ford AOD I am building but they have stuff for most older trans as well such as Dynaflo, cast iron powerglides, Hydramatics, etc...
    They seem very professional and helpful. And the prices were very reasonable for the late model.

    Do a search for 'Gordon automatic trans parts' or 1-800-589-8868.
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    Ok ! Sorry guy's for all i have said here in the past ,being led down the garden path with amertuerish ideas from rip off guy's . i should of just taken time to listen to you all and take it all in from the start . Apologies to tom telesco .i have spent 1000's on my engine now ,And in the process of putting my 60 thou bore 425 back together . headwork done from F&M heads here in Adelaide ,South Australia with 90pound pressure isky racing springs,shims , T/A SS big valve job ported 7 polished to the information specs from numerous nailhead guru's and sites over the last 2 years research. 2x4 cast iron intake port matched with work done also. flow numbers for both if needed.2x 600 cfm edelbrock carbs 1405 , 1406 , progressive linkage and (pictured ) 2x B&M air cleaners with 4 x K&N filters..crank, rods, done and whole rotating assembly balanced ,magnafluxed,align honed etc etc etc within under 1 gram.
    A schneider cam and lifters 490 lift & 280 just over GS specs.Arp bolts and SS dressup bolts taming the wildcat also. A billet custom made harmonic balancer was also made here in Adelaide from my good friend Tony Iglio ,who has been making harmonic balances for 30 years now.the engine is now being put together with the most critical of tolerances using state of the art tech nowhow and old school nostalgic ways from another good friend of mine Steve Tonkes Automotive racing heads and engines, using and incorporating ideas from 2 years research also ..Steve also has been building racers from mild to wild for 30 + years.original rocker covers are being chromed as well as the valley pan. block and heads being painted hammertech charcoal ,kinda silver black , with like a panther pinkish purple colour , for the finned stuff and brackets. A mini torque starter coupled to an optima red battery for ease of starting and a Lucas alternator looks after the eletrical side. twin thermo fans from a late model ford looks after the cooling with an air raiser moulded lip to direct air up to the engine is also present. PENNZOIL GT SAE50 is the lubricant of choice here ,because all the other pennzoil oils are actually MOBIL ..Straight from thye horses mouth. This oil is best for nailheads here in Australia .A high volume oil pump from T/A is also being introduced to the engine. recurved dizzy has been done ...........but might buy a MSD nailer for it . Also from T/A comes the double row timing set ,to set the cam straight.
    this is going into my 1964 Buick riviera 70,000 miles Right hand drive sleeper.
    i have lots of pics , so reply if you need more . Or if you want to add more knowledge to my itinery ? please do so , i need all the help i can get from you guys. Am i doing the right thing ?
    Kindest regards .Wayno

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    I saw this company on Ebay, It appears they make lightweight connecting rods for the nailhead. The name on the rods themselves is "SuperRod"

    Might check them out:

    Super Speed Equipment Co
    140 S Motor Ave
    Azusa, CA 91702-3225
    (626) 969-8823
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    Re: Carburetor adapter plate?

    I put a Carter AFB on my '56. I used a Tran-Dapt adapter and it works fine. The only problem was that the 4 holes that are used to bolt it to the manifold were not drilled all the way through. I had to have my machinist drill and counter bore the holes to make it fit correctly.
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    Bill, I make the "Adjustable Roller Tip Rocker Arms" for the "NailHeads" & they do fit under ALL the available valve covers. I also manufacture mini-starters for them. Do a search on this board & type in "toms roller rockers" to read replies of some users.

    Tom T.
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    Re: 322 Nailhead Headers?

    Are the exhaust ports close to a 401/425?
  10. telriv

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    As far as spacing they are exactly the same, except '56 & older are round ports while '57 & newer are oval ports.
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    On or about April 1st, 2008, My custom buick headers will be complete for the nailhead. The R&D is done and they are nothing like the sanderson headers. Sure, sandersons are shorty style, BUT, they will not fit the 59-64 buick frames since the upper "A" arm is right in the way. Thier headers wont fit a full sized buick. I bought a set of them for my 62' Lesabre, and sure enough, the headers dont clear the upper "A" arm on the first tube, and wont clear the frame on the second tube either. Those headers are designed for buckets are other vehicles without the steering box on the OUTSIDE of the frame. Plus, the tubes I am running are 1 5/8" full mandrel bends, not the 1 1/2" offered by sanderson. The collectors are not a fixed style 2 bolt flange, they are the ball and socket swivel style. These have been a few years in the making and are finally just about done. Wouldnt you like to use an exhaust header that actually will fit a full sized buick from 1957-1966? Well, these will be the cats meow! If I knew how to post a pic on this, I would post one for all to see. They fit right in the stock location of the factory manifolds. If interested, let me know... contact me at Thanks guys.... Steve Stabler GET BENT! Exhaust in Clackamas, Oregon.
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    I found this on another site

    I hope this helps some of you.

    Nailhead Part’s & Service

    Auto-fleet parts and Machine
    2551 Halls Mill RoadMobile, AL.
    Joel at 251-478-8441
    for Nailhead or any other motor rebuild

    Bendtsen’s Transmission Center Inc. (Trans Adapters)
    13603 Johnson St NE
    Ham Lake, MN. 55304
    Phone: 763-767-4480
    Email: ( (

    Bob’s Automobilia
    3352 South El Pomar; Templeton, CA93465 (street)
    Box 2119; Atascadero, CA93423 (mailing)
    Phone: 805-434-2963
    Fax: 805-434-2626 (

    Carmen Faso
    J&C's Parts
    7127 Ward Road
    North Tonawanda, NY14120
    Phone: 716-693-4090
    Yeah he's not on the net, he doesn't take plastic, but he is definitely the man...

    CARS, Inc.
    205 Pearl Street
    P.O. Box 5
    Neshanic Station, NJ08853
    Phone: 908-369-3666
    Fax: 908-369-7595 (

    Egge Machine Company, Inc.
    11707 Slauson Ave.
    Santa Fe Springs, CAUSA 90670
    Phone: 562-945-3419
    Fax: 562-693-1635 ( ( will get you on the list...

    O'Brien Truckers
    29 A. Young Road
    Charlton, MA 01507
    Phone: 508-248-1555 (

    Poston Enterprises
    200 Ewing Lane
    Atmore, AL36502
    Phone: 800-635-9781 (

    Russell Martin (
    He would be the man to go to on the West Coast for building an engine...
    He can also be found on the Yahoo Nailhead Group for advice and help...

    TA Performance Products, Inc.
    16167 N. 81st Street, Scottsdale, AZ85260
    Phone: 480-922-6807
    Fax: 480-922-6811
    Email: TAPerf@AOL.Com (TAPerf@AOL.Com)

    The Buick Farm
    PO Box 384
    Clayton, DE19938
    Email: ( (

    Tom Telesco for mini-starters and roller rockers....
    C/O Classic & Muscle Automotive
    465 Glenbrook Rd.
    Stamford, Ct. 06906-1820
    Phone: (203) 324-6045 ( or (

    Wheatbelt Antique Auto
    Rt. 2, Box 178
    Carrier, OK 73727
    Phone: 580-855-2449
    Fax : 580-855-2476 (
  13. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    I'll second what Ronin said about Bendtsens' adapters. I have my 431 cu. in. nailhead attached to a 700R4 in my Chevy pickup. The kit fit perfectly, everything that I needed was there, and the quality was tops. He doesn't give his stuff away, but considering the work involved in producing his adapters - he should make a few $$ on it. Good stuff.
  14. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    Buick engine machine work and products:

    Precision Billet Design - Rob Giroux
    342 East St.
    South Hadley, MA 01075

    413 536-3174

    Outstanding machine work incl CNC. Has made Rods for Buick racing engines,
    has done serpentine setup for later Buicks, is rumored to be working on a serpentine setup for a nailhead owned by a guy in Texas.
  15. twoprimo

    twoprimo Twoprimo

    Anyone have current email or phone numbers for MILR Products/Donald Kring? I have tried several attempts to reach them thru their web page's "contact us" link but have never gotten a response. Thanks
  16. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    I am a dealer for Don's products. What do you need??? As of this moment I'm going racing for the week-end. Will answer questions Monday when I get back.

    Tom T.
  17. Trikeman72

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    can you PM me the perticulars... such as i send you my points vac adv distributor and u send me back a drop in one wire done deal sestrib that will work for my 401?? well yea i know theres the i send u money part too but.....:laugh:
  18. Babeola

    Babeola Well-Known Member

    Service information and contact particulars for Dave can be found here. He is not on this website anymore.

    Cheryl :)
  19. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    I also do one wire points conversion distributors. Set the advance rate etc.
  20. Trikeman72

    Trikeman72 Well-Known Member

    hey ignitionman can you PM me your info and prices for this set up for my 401 nailhead


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