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    Quick update on my little winter project. I'm realizing now that partially painting a car is a lot harder then just painting the whole thing. Because I want to keep the outside of the car as original and patina'd as possible, I spent the last 2 months cleaning, scraping, scrubbing and stripping everything by hand. A LOT harder than sending everything off to media blasting. Oh well, it'll be worth it. Sadly me and anyone who reads this post will be the only ones who will ever see the underside of the car.

    Here's where I'm at: Body on rotisserie with underside and firewall completely stripped, cleaned, primed and painted. Frame has been boxed in and HPI reinforcement K-members and rear cross-member welded in. All body mount locations have been reinforced even though there was no rust on the frame. Back from powder coating and it looks great. All Ridetech suspension parts have been re-powder coated as well. Stripped and painted the inner fender wells, front supports, wheel wells, and even rear end. The underside of the hood is stripped and will get primed and painted as soon as I'm done with this post.

    Basically ready to switch all my tools from "loosen" to "tighten" and put this puzzle back together. I'm confident (right now) that the extensive bagging, labeling, and pictures will help. But I reserve the right to shove my foot in my mouth. Here are some pics for now. I'll post more pics once the suspension, brakes, radiator, engine, trans, and fuel tank are all back on the frame. Cutting the tunnel to fit the Tremec T56 is going to be a challenge without a lift. Gonna have to get it right the first time. We'll see...

    Body and frame.jpg thumbnail_20190331_084141.jpg
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    Bill, I'm about to start ordering the mounts, headers, etc, for my 5.3/4L80 swap in my 66 Special. Do you know off-hand what part numbers you used for the swap? I like the way yours fit together and the header clearance around the steering shaft is perfect. What frame mounts did you use, Chevelle sbc? I had though about going with the BRP setup but most folks don't like the mounts they use. Thanks man, Bill
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    Hi Bill,
    Mine is the 6.2L LS3 so I ended up using a stock Corvette motor mount with rubber isolators on the frame. Sorry but I don't know the part number but I suspect any local parts store could identify it for you. Just for the reasons you mentioned, I went with the Holley engine mounts (#71221007HKR) that were designed to work with the Hooker headers and exhaust. Worked perfectly. Good luck man!
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    I used Hooker P/N's 71221009HKR engine frame mounts, 70101336RHKR headers; Holley P/N 302-2 oil pan. I also used engine mounts for a '98 F-body that work with the Holley frame mounts. I ordered them from Rock Auto PN 22179268. I also used the Hooker 2-1/2" Blackheart LS swap exhaust system. All the Holley/Hooker components were high quality and fit perfectly. Good luck.
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    thank you sir!!!!! Going to start researching parts this weekend! The motor is on the stand and I hope to snag a 4L80e trans this weekend. The little turbo is even sitting on the shelf and I think it mumbled "use me" the other day as I moved
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    Even comes with a 30-month/50,000-mile warranty!
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    I can attest to that being in the auto body industry, body and paint is more labor intensive and dirty than mechanical work, and more dangerous to your health.
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    i have a build in the pro touring section with pics of all the hooker mounts and 4l80 crossmember.
    I was involved with a couple LS swaps before and i tell you DO NOT PIECE TOGETHER.

    Holley mounts are well worth it.

    PS: my headers are longtubes from speed engineering
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    Yes from what I'm hearing all the Holley stuff is the way to go when LS swapping.
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    a compromise for not having wet exhaust manifolds for a 455. But I guess it works fine for a Lund fishing boat
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