Looking to update Alternator.

Discussion in 'Sparky's corner' started by lostGS, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. lostGS

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    I am looking to update my alternator. My car currently has a lowly 36a installed. I can get a 55a at work. But I would like a higher amp one.

    Anyone know of one out of a newer year that will work on my SBB that is a higher amperage? Right now I don't have the coin to drop on a powermaster one.

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    Per Larry's comment; and the Duralast DL7194-6-3 from Autozone is properly clocked from the get-go. Must swap the serpentine pulley and install your standard v-belt pulley, and grind off a little nub at the back of the case. Then it slips right into the bracket. The rewiring Larry cited in the website takes maybe an hour. Be sure to get the proper pigtail for the alternator - also at Autozone. Mine must be at least 15 years in place now; spent less than a hunert bucks

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    55A won't be enough ?
    Have you been adding options to the car requiring a higher current output ?
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    There are also multiple wiring kits out there now that allow you to swap in the SI type alternators without any of the wiring work. Just plug and go. I think Todd Miller sells a kit from Lectric Limited.
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    As Scott mentioned I do stock the SI kit if you decide to swap to that version.

    Alternator Conversion Wire - $19.00
    Simple plug-in conversion allows use of a 1973-85 SI series,
    internally regulated alternator in place of the
    original externally regulated alternator

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    That's a nice piece Todd
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