Liquidating 40 years of 455 engine hoarding!!!!

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by silvergs72, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    I have updated and put everyone in order. Please post to get in line and then PM me. Makes it easier for me to track.
    Thanks guys.

    Hello my name is Mike and I am a Buick hoarder!!!!!!

    I am finally come to the realization that I will never use this many 455 parts. Have a bunch of parts that I want to clean out of my garage and storage building. All prices are OBO plus shipping.

    Sets of heads '71 and up $50
    Intakes '71 and up $50
    Oil pans $40 69GS455, Nailhead Ronnie, Rhett (BigPig455)
    Valve covers $35 each
    Timing chain covers $100
    Blocks $50 and up Eric Davis,
    Motor mounts $10 each $15 with heat shield
    Exhaust manifolds $25 a set Assh35, BuickRat,
    All manifolds with good holes sold. Have a bunch that need bolts taken out. $20 a set or if I fix them it will be $75.

    Power steering brackets $10
    Stove pipe assemblies complete with exhaust manifold cover $50 a set
    Flexplate $25
    Rocker arm shafts $40
    Windage tray $15
    Center sump oil pan with pickup for Rivi $150
    Dipsticks for the older BBB that fit right in the block. $45
    Choke Assembly 67BuickMan

    If you don't see something let me know and I can get pictures and numbers for you. These are located in SW Michigan just outside of South Haven.

    20190112_174553_resized.jpg 20190112_174607_resized.jpg 20190112_174620_resized.jpg 20190112_174627_resized.jpg 20190112_174641_resized.jpg 20190112_174655_resized.jpg 20190112_174704_resized.jpg 20190112_174712_resized.jpg

    Thanks for looking
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  2. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    do you have a non a/c alternator bracket? if so pm me price please
  3. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    No non AC brackets any more.
  4. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    dipstick assm shipped to 06119?
  5. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Still looking for a 455 FLYWHEEL for my 4 speed conversion. Thoughts?? Bill
  6. '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl

    '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl Well-Known Member

    Do you have any pulleys for an A/C car?

    If so, shipping to 80233.


  7. 69GS455

    69GS455 69 GS 400

    Would you do $40 shipped for an oil pan? Shipping to 60403.
    Thank you
  8. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    How about $20 and I will check shipping tomorrow.

    Just checked shipping and looks like $12. I can do $30 shipped.
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  9. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Need a pair of 455 exhaust manifolds, as long as they're complete, threads not stripped, etc.

    Zip code is 02062.
  10. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    Can't do shipped. Can check what shipping will be and get back to you.

    Did a quick ups quote and they want $25 to ship. I will look into options tomorrow.
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  11. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    Will get a quote on shipping tomorrow. I know there are a couple with good threads

    Ups wants $55 to ship. Can look into fasten all tomorrow
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  12. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    Yep a couple of them
  13. '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl

    '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl Well-Known Member

    Yes both pulleys. I have a Skylark. If that helps.
  14. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    Yes I do. Short or long water pump? Both crank and waterpump?
  15. '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl

    '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl Well-Known Member

    My post is just above yours;)
  16. MtAiryDoug

    MtAiryDoug Well-Known Member

    What would prices be on a short water pump pulley, crank pulley (for a 70 w/air), and a 5/8 oil pickup?
  17. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    What year?
  18. silvergs72

    silvergs72 silvergs

    I will have to dig through to see if I still have a set for the short pump.
  19. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Any heads # 1231786 with a date code around E 5 or so ??
  20. MtAiryDoug

    MtAiryDoug Well-Known Member

    No problem, take your time. I'm in no hurry and I see you're being bombarded with requests right now!

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