Let the rebuild begin!!! Direction needed.

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by toyman, Dec 9, 2019.

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    Hello all and thanks for the awesome resource this site provides. After like 10 years away from my 1968 Special Deluxe, I am finally going to start the rebuild. I will be pulling the hopefully still good 350-2 in the next week or so with the help of my just turned 13 son Michael. He already helped me remove the front end of the car.
    The short idea is this... Fix the body, lots of sheet metal work. And rebuild the 350 in stages to get to the ultimate goal of turbos or supercharger for daily street driving. I am a fan of smooth, quiet but insane power....LOL So first I want a super stout bottom end, with basic top end due to limited budget. I would like to do Megasquirt fuel injection to start. I am leaning towards possibly even going the route of Nascar Takeout rods, once again to start strong for power adder down the road.

    So my first question is does anyone have recommendations for a Buick knowledged Machinist near Western NY or PA. I live in Forestville, Ny on Lake Erie. My first phone call is going to be KlispieMotorsports.

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  2. alec296

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    Scott Brown for pistons, good rods. Custom cam. Should be a good start. How much boost/power are you looking for? im thinking trans and rear end will need attention to handle the power.
  3. sean Buick 76

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    I have a spare block girdle. I would just do TA Molner rods and JE pistons from TA.
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    I have a lot to learn yet, been reading posts on here for 10 years now, but I realize if I was to start out without a power adder I will be starting out with a basic cam and then change it come turbo or supercharger time. I am not wanting to have a drag racing car. The way I see it, people drive around in new cars that easily make 300-500 horsepower or more, why can't I have a low compression smooth running 300 HP engine that with only a little boost makes 500-600 HP. As I've said, I like somewhat quiet, smooth engines that can surprise when the need arises...LOL My father owned this car before me, I took my driving test in it at 16 yrs old...I'm now 48. My parents cruised all over the USA on vacations and I now want to do the same. It was only 2 barrel, single exhaust, 4 wheel non power drum brakes. Now it will be fuel injected, disk brakes, electronic transmission, hi-tech head turner. Hopefully some day in the next couple years, when I lift the hood, everyone says..."holy crap" at the sight of twin turbos or supercharger and I tell then it's all Buick. :D

    Hey Sean, at what point would you say the girdle is needed? Is it just logical to do it for a solid bottom end that is destined for turbos or charger? And how much extra money is involved in the cost the girdle and machine work? And I have been eyeing the TA Rods, sounds logical.
  5. sean Buick 76

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    You can still do a turbo cam now and have it run fine without boost. That’s what I would do.

    There is no magic HP number where the girdle is needed but in my mind once you spend good money on machine work, rods and pistons then the girdle is an insurance policy to keep things nice and cozy. The girdle not only holds the mains secure it also stiffens up the whole block. The girdle is about $800 and a few hundred for machine work. I do suggest a modified or custom oil pan to match.

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