Kent Moore Tool #'s for Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by BuickV8Mike, Mar 27, 2020.

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    I'm looking at replacing the bushings. I took my front cntrol arm bushings to the shop for removal and installation but the rear lower bushing seem easily enough. I'm struggling to find any info on the correct Kent Moore tools numbers for this, most interested in the half hoop spacer used to support the arm from collapsing and possible the piece used to press on the small end of the bushing to get it out.

    Also interested in any tricks to ease removal and installation, like is it easier with the rear wheels removed?

    Any tips, info, ideas and /or links would be greatly appreciated. Mike
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  3. 12lives

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    I cut steel pipe to make the " half hoop spacer used to support the arm from collapsing". Make them with a slight ramp to make them easier to remove after use. I used a Harbor Freight 20 ton press ($100) and sockets to press them out. I borrowed a tool from a friend to put the new ones in. He used all thread (acme thread rod would be better) and welded a socket on the end so he could use a 1/2 impact wrench to turn it. Couple of washers and nuts and it zipped the bushing right in. Some will say to put the bushing in a freezer to "shrink" it.
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    If you're thrifty (like me), you can get what you need without buying the official tools. Take the arm to a hardware store and go to the threaded pipe section. You should be able to find pipe nipples that are the correct diameter for pushing on the bushing and supporting it from the back. I used sockets of the correct height to support the arm on the inside to prevent it from collapsing. Make sure you spray it with rust buster to help in pushing it out. If you don't have a press, a threaded rod with nuts and washers will do the job.
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    I use sockets and beat the piss out of them and cuss and throw **** it's fun you should try it
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    Been there and done that
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    I did. Actually went pretty easy.
    Then used a ball joint press to push the new ones in.

    20200329_101727.jpg 20200331_181753.jpg

    Pretty easy overall
    Cheers, Mike

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