I need a rear shot of someones `67GS

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by staged67gspwr, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. staged67gspwr

    staged67gspwr "The Black Widow"

    Hello,i need to see a pic of someones `67 GS,but need a pic of the rear trunk molding with the GS 400 emblem.

    Thank you
  2. Tom Miller

    Tom Miller Loch Ness Monster

    sold the car but can provide info

    Hey George, I don't have a way to post a pic, but I think I can
    give you the info you need if your question is about how to
    restore the molding paint correctly.
    I sold a restored 67 GS400 a few years ago that had an N.O.S.
    deck lid molding on it.
    You should be able to see the chrome individual ribs in the
    blacked-out portion of the molding.Background of the 400 emblem
    should be black as well, red GS letter's of course.
    If this was the info you were looking for, I hope it helped, if not
    just disregard.
  3. staged67gspwr

    staged67gspwr "The Black Widow"

    Hello Tom,thanks for the info,but this is my question,i just bought a NOS Trunk Molding for a Skylark,i pulled the skylark emblem off and i just wanted to make sure on the spaces between the GS and the 400 were correct,i`ll look at the ones off my car tomorrow,its just that i will need to go about 20-25 min. to get to it.


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