I found 2 brand new Riv engine mounts!

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Yardley, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass


    Don't know why I didn't think of it before!:blast: :Dou: :Dou:

    Last night my buddy suggested I try the Buick Dealers for a passenger-side engine mount. So I called another buddy who runs a Buick parts counter in Florida, and he ran a parts search for me (he located all the crush collars that were left last year).

    A dealer in OK has 2 in stock! I bought them both.

    If anyone wants the other one I'll sell or trade. They cost me $60 each plus shipping...

    what a rush!
  2. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    You Bastard! :laugh:
    Was this a nationwide parts search he did?

    HMMM...$60.00 or trade.....That's tempting.
    Are you saying trade an old one for a new one? + $?
  3. OLDS442GM

    OLDS442GM Going Fast With Class!

    ALRIGHT JEFF!!!:beer :beer :TU: :TU: Glad to see you found some mounts. Just another note for other Buick owners...just because the catalogs say discontinued dosent mean your local dealer cant get items. I've done this lots of times...and it usually works out cheaper...just remember it never hurts to ask! :TU:


    P.S. Jeff...my buick will not look the same way you saw it that time...its gettin the ol' GS touch :Brow: . And also, the reason I ran so terrible that day...points were fried, thats what I get for being lazy :( .
  4. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass

    How's this guys! I also just found a DRIVER'S SIDE!!! I paid $125 for a revulcanized one last year. The guy can't get his hands on it until Monday, due to inventory. But we'll deal then.

    ALSO! I found ANOTHER passenger side one. He will call me back later with a price. Not sure what he'll sell it for.

    Trade was a good idea, but now with so much cash going on the credit cards for 4 mounts, I'm hoping to get cash in to pay for this so the Mrs. won't hit the ceiling...

    NOTNSS Gold Level Contributor

    Ok guys, how about filling in the blanks for a newbie to Rivieras? What's the issue with the mounts, when are they needed, etc. I need to know the stuff to keep an eye out for when I get the '68 (tomorrow). You're scaring me.. how much trouble am I going to have getting parts for the new boat? What are the common parts needed but scarce?


  6. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass

    Issue with mounts: The Riv used EXCLUSIVE MOUNTS. The driver's side is the same from 68 - 70 and the passenger side is the same from 67 - 70 (from what I was just told). The aftermarket mounts DO NOT FIT CORRECTLY. They raise the engine up too high, and sometimes they won't allow it to cradle onto the frame pad without altering. The pass side isn't too much of an issue, it just squishes over time. The driver's side splits in half.

    The other passenger side mount I found - the guy want's $78 plus shipping. passed. They're in VA and their number is 540-962-2274.

    Trouble getting parts? If you beat the bushes, used parts are kinda common - depending on what you want. New parts? :confused: Suspension and driveline parts are available, unless you want oddball stuff like tranny mounts or body bushings. Interior and body parts? Not many. Buick World, CARS and KANTOR are among the best for suspension and small pieces. 3.42 posi rears? They show up, but you have to keep an ear and eye out. And join the ROA!

    It's nothing that should scare you off. We've been living with it. And it is getting better. As long as your ride is in good shape, you'll be OK.

    I know where many of the parts car suppliers are, so we'll get you what you need. Enjoy the stares. As cool and old as the Skylark is, it just ain't a Riviera. These beasts get stares! And the RIDE! Nothing like a 4500 pound car to smooth the jiggles.

    You'll probably want to replace the springs. Rears are a cinch. Fronts, easy if you can jack the car high enough and have a spring compressor.

    Oh, and a LOT of cash. $250+ for a front end kit. $90+ for an upper ball joint - that HAS to be WELDED IN! That's even how they came from the factory!

    But even still, I'll never sell my Rivvy.

    NOTNSS Gold Level Contributor

    HoooBoy.. off we go!

    My son-in-law has been bugging me to get a welder or split the cost with him. Keep it in my shop, he's a welder by trade. Sounds fair to me.

    Compression Tester
    Engine Hoist (have 2 stands)
    Press (have drill press)
    Sand Blaster
    Blasting Cabinet
    Paint Gun

    Have compressor, air tools..

    Oh, sorry... just Christmas wishing out loud. :beer
    Yup, gonna have to make this my wife's car.:grin:

    RIVBUILDER Well-Known Member

    Hey Jeff,I'm interested in one mount or both ,but the drivers side is different then what you have/are getting,right? Tim:)
  9. Buick Power

    Buick Power Well-Known Member

    First off, way to go, earlier when we were talking about mounts, I felt like "tasking" you with finding some NOS, because you seem to have a knack for getting to the bottom of things. Were you saying you found a `68-70 Riv NOS driver's side mount? If so, make sure you get it. If it is a `68-`70 then we can get a mold made and solve some of these problems. Also I will try to make sure that there is a mold for the passenger's side and we will have to stop throwing those away and get those rebuilt as well. I would like to discuss this with you before you sell or use them.

  10. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass

    yes, it was a nationwide search.

    OK Dave. Listen up everyone...

    They are the real deal. The 2 passenger-sides ship on Monday. I'll use one and Dave can have the other on loan to make a mold from. Then it can go to Tim or whoever.

    I received the "Made in Korea" mount from Andy in Alabama. It is from Autozone and he swears it is correct. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm willing to bet right now it isn't right, just based on what I see. The space between the two points I mentioned in another post is huge. The Riv mount has those two points almost touching. But we'll see for sure either when I pull the engine (Sunday) or when I get the new ones.

    As for the driver's side... He says he has it but can't get it until Monday because they're doing inventory right now. Got it from the same guy I got the pass sides from so I believe him.He says they were both discontinued in 1989. My revulcanized one is fine for now, so again Dave can have the driver's side on loan to make a mold of.

    No sweat Dave. You got dibs. I'll call when I get them.

    Now, see my new post in the Boatload of Fun forum about the ADDCO front sway bar...
  11. Yardley

    Yardley Club Jackass

    Oh, when I get back to the office Monday I'll post my buddy's name and phone number. He will gladly do a Nationwide search for any part you want. He then tells you who has them and what the phone number is. If there are a lot of hits he'll fax it to you.

    Until Monday...

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