I burned through my base and clear on an edge - just barely! How to fix?

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by NZ GS 400, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. NZ GS 400

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    Hey guys,

    I have been working on leveling the orange peel on my clear coat with 1500 grit. I have maybe a quarter to half an inch long area on an edge where I burned through the base and clear (PPG Deltron)

    Can I just mask off the edge and spray some base on that spot? Do I need to respray the entire panel instead?

    Unfortunately, it is on the rear quarter above the rear wheel well (see pics)

    I was thinking maybe I could mask off and spray just that edge with base and then re-clear the whole panel. Where would I stop in terms of masking off? I don't need to do the entire car with clear again do I?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions/advice/tips. 20190323_155456.jpg 20190323_155405.jpg
  2. cobravii

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    I would mix a beer cap of base and dab it in with a tooth pick, give it time to dry and smooth it with 3000 grit. Then dab on some clear the same way and after it dries continue on with what you were doing. In a worst case scenario you have to mask it off and do the quarter like you were thinking. In a best case scenario...... no one will ever know.... well except us ;-)
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  4. hugger

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    No need to worry,..it happens gotta watch the edges, especially if you are using a firm sponge or soft sponge. A paint stick or block will prevent this but anyway. You need the above, watch a YouTube video on how to use the brush. It would be easier than me trying to explain it but is simple. Put some clear hardener in the base leave the base un reduced or just a drop or two at most. Drag it on let it dry a couple days then lightly drag some 3k or even 5k over it, then drag some mixed clear a little past where the base stopped, let dry for a couple days then 2500 it lightly and hand rub it out
  5. hugger

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    Your other options are sanding the 1/4 with 800, blending that spot in and burning the clear in the sail panel, burning clear in isn't something a novice will have much luck with probably but I can talk you thru that process if you want.

    Other option, sand/block car with 800 the reclear, it may not need buffing as it will lay much flatter, but unless adjust your spray techniques you will run the clear. If successful the finished product will be much deeper and have more gloss retention
  6. NZ GS 400

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    Thanks guys. That's great! I will keep you posted.

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