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Discussion in 'Wet behind the ears??' started by Jess364, Sep 23, 2018.

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    IMG_2970.JPG hi, I just signed up. Was google searching for 3x2 intakes for the 364 Nailhead, and found this forum, thought I'd take the plunge and sign up. I have a 58 2 door, complete with centre post and original factory rear skirts. I live in the U.K, where the car was imported to in 88, from L.A. My family have owned it since 93. I've Lowered it 3 inches in the rear, and fitted functioning lakes. I made some spiral baffles that I inserted near header ends of the pipes, this is all it has in the way of mufflers. Running it with the stock 2bbl. I have a 4bbl intake and Rochester 4GC that I've been toying with fitting. I tried it once but ran like s**t and was back firing, so reverted back to the 2bbl. Recently had a look at the timing and found it was set at 0 before TDC, so adjusted it to 5 degrees. So I may try the 4bbl again. What I'd really love is to find a Weiand 3x2 and stick 3 of those new large Stromberg 97's on. Can't seem to find a Weiand 3x2 for the 364.
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    Russ Martin might have a line on one.

    He does not mess with email much at all, and preferes phone calls, so if you want me to "get in the middle" to help with dialog, let me know and I'll call him.

    TA Performance also makes a 3x2 for the 364

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    Welcome aboard! :cool:
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    Welcome from SE Michigan!
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    Welcome from Washington State!
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    Welcome from NY.
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    Cool looking '58, I dig the old school style you're going with. Welcome from Montana!
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    Thanks guys. Thanks for all your offers of help. The idea to stick 3 Stromber 97's on is just something for the future, as and when funds allow. At the moment I'd like to get it running nice on its current carter 2bbl. Seems if i set the slow idle screw ( throttle stop screw ) acording to the manual, which is turing it clockwise until it hits the throttle stop, then turn it one whole turn, then the engine speed is too slow and won't tick over, setting it faster so the engine doesn't stall seems to cause run on problems when i shut the engine off.
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    Welcome Jess from another NY'er, cool ride. I'll bet you get a good amount of stares with that car over there. How do you afford the gas (petrol)?

    The best way to adjust the screw is in tiny increments with the engine running until you find the right spot. You didn't say if it's an automatic transmission but if it is block the wheels, find a friend and have them both foot the brakes and adjust it in gear. You should have a dwell/tach on it and stop at the factory recommended rpm's in drive. If it's not an auto then with the same meter set it to factory recommended free idle. If it still runs on your fuel's octane may not be high enough for that engine if all other adjustments are in spec. Proper tools are your friend and an absolute necessity in this hobby. - Bill
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    Another thing you could try, shut it off with the car in gear. This puts a load on the engine with less RPM's. Not a "Fix" but better than having it run on & causing other damage until you can figure out what's REALLY wrong.
    Just a thought.

    Tom T.

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